11 Exercises You Should Modify If You’re Over 50


There is no excuse really for individuals not to be in the best shape of their life beyond the age of fifty years, however, they should work out with due caution, specifically if they have not exercised consistently after having suffered from a few injuries in the past. Most individuals that are past the age of fifty are not considered in the best shape of their lives, plus they might also have to take care of problems such as joint pain, previous injures, or chronic muscle aches. It is also crucial that persons bear in mind that those over the age of fifty may require additional time getting loose and take more than twenty-four hours between workouts in order to fully recover.

Running Stairs

Having the ability to go up and down steps at ease and comfortably is a chief part of daily living, however, if the individual is not in the best of shape, they might not actually run them. As it relates to exercise, try using a stair-climbing machine rather than running actual stairs; for those that are not in the best of conditions, the hazard and consequences of falling are amplified with every year that passes.

High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT as high-intensity interval training is better known as, is an excellent workout for getting rid of fat and blasting away those calories, however, for older individuals who are not extremely fit, it might stress the body more than usual. For a full-body, cardiovascular workout, it is recommended that individuals in this bracket try swimming, as this is great for any level of fitness.

Spin Classes

Spin classes that are fast-paced were developed from the high-intensity interval training concept, and they could be too extreme for older adults who find themselves in a not so physically fit condition, in particular if they suffer from any lung, heart, or joint conditions. According to medical professionals, it would be better if these individuals spin on their own at their own pace, or try riding in the outdoors on a trail, than trying to complete a spin class that could be too pressure on the joints.


This traditional exercise movement might be excellent in building strength overall, however, it places a ton of strain on the upper back and shoulders, which might become a serious problem for individuals that have suffered from shoulder and neck injuries in the past. The medical fraternity suggests completing push-ups against a wall instead. It will still give the correct muscles a workout without the additional stress, simply stand up against a wall and position the body at an angle towards the wall to complete the push-up.

Squats With Weights

Squats is one of the favorite exercises of trainers worldwide, however, for the aged who have not been working out so consistently, this particular exercise could place too much strain on the knees, especially if completed with weights. Rather, try concentrating on completing the squat with your own body weight, using the correct form. The same muscles will be activated and if done properly and squats is an excellent workout that would assist in preserving and improving bone health.


This workout is an impressive full-body exercise, however, it could result in too much pressure if the individual is not presently in good shape. Modifications to the exercise, that removes the jumping, can be completed by nonathletic individuals over the age of fifty years. This could still help strengthen the bones. Begin from the standing position, then crouch down to the ground and put both hands, palms down on the floor, push your legs out behind you to end up in a pushup position, then lower your chest to the ground as if completing a pushup, then pull your legs back under and stand up straight.

Dead Lifts

According to chiropractors, deadlifts could place tremendous strain on the torso and the hips. Instead, try to complete bodyweight workouts such as butt bridges: Place your back on the floor and bend the knees with both feet planted firmly on the ground; heels are to remain close to the body, that they can be touched by your hands. Continue by pressing your feet into the ground and lifting your hips directly towards the roof, then lower them again.


Running to the point that it feels like you are about to experience a heart attack is not a good idea when you get to this age, especially if you are not in any particularly good shape. This could also result in strains and sprains in the knees and even other joints. Rather, try a steady jog or interchange walking and jogging.

Leg Presses

This exercise is completed by using a machine that involves lying flat on a bench as you attempt to push weights into the air with your feet. This activity will typically cause the natural arch of the spine to flatten potentially resulting in damage to the lumbar spinal discs. A stationary bike could be used to give those same muscle groups a good workout.


This workout is a challenging one regardless of age, it also places a lot of strain on the shoulders, joints, an intricate network of muscles and ligaments which could have quite often experienced strains and some injuries by the time individuals reach this age.

Hot Yoga Or Bikram

According to medical professionals, excessive heat could result in dizziness and fainting, regardless of the age a person is at. This is particularly true if the individual does not consume adequate amounts of water. Rather than attempting extreme yoga such as Ashtanga, unless you are a seasoned yogi, try a much more low-impact form such as Hatha.


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