12 Benefits The Elderly Receive From Owning Pets

Pets provide their owners with love, friendship, and affection. Recent research has shown, though, that pets do much more. Owning a pet can significantly improve your physical and mental health. As people grow older, their needs change, and they may want to look into getting a pet to make their life a bit easier and happier. We are going to look at some of the benefits that older people can enjoy from having pets in the home.

Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Pets can also help increase the physical health of their owners. Studies done at New York medical schools have shown that pet owners experienced less hypertension on average than people without a pet. Medical research has also shown that pet owners, particularly elderly ones, have lower cholesterol levels than people who do not own pets.


Everyone knows that pets make great friends. Older people can feel lonely as those around them pass on and family members grow more distant. They may just start to drift away from the people in their lives in their old age, and it can help to always have someone near them to make them feel not so alone. Pets can meet that need and fill that role very well.

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