5 Best Part-Time Jobs For Seniors

Retirement doesn’t look like it used to. Longer life spans, fewer employers offering pension benefits, and volatile stock markets have left many would-be retirees working longer or forgetting about retirement altogether. Two out of 10 workers over 50 don’t expect to stop working, according to a 2019 poll from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. One in five people over 65 were working or actively looking for work.

1. Consultant.

If you love your career, but want to spend a little less time doing it, consulting might be perfect for you. Turn your expertise, network, and experience to good advantage and work part-time for your old employer or for other companies in your field. You might find that working as a consultant pays more on an hourly basis than being an employee, especially as a senior with knowledge and experience companies need.

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