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5 Houseplants for Seniors to Grow In Their Homes


Lush outdoor gardening is not always an option for seniors, especially if they are living in nursing homes, independent apartments, or assisted living communities. In such a case, it is better to have indoor plants so that seniors can enjoy the same gardening benefits.
In this blog post, we have compiled some of the best indoor plants that seniors can plant and connect with nature at home!

1. Spider Plants

The spider plant is one of the easiest and adaptable houseplants. It can grow in a wide range of climatic conditions and require little care and maintenance. Spider plants can easily thrive as long as they receive a little bit of sunshine every day and water once every few days. These less-demanding plants are perfect for homes accommodating inactive seniors. With little to no care, the plant can easily grow long, spider-like leaves.

2. Aloe Vera

This is another easy-to-care plant that seniors can consider growing in their homes. This succulent is known for its medicinal uses – all the way more reason to invest in it! Aloe vera can help treat canker sores, reduces dental plaque, heals burns, lowers blood sugar levels, improves skin, and prevents wrinkles.

Aloe vera plants do not need much water or shade, so they are easy to look after. However, try to keep it near a window so that it receives adequate light.

3. African Violets

African violets feature small, adorable flowers in colors such as blue, white, or purple. These pretty flowering plants have egg-shaped leaves in an intense green shade, complementing well to the blossoms.

African violets are a sight to behold. Having them around will cheer seniors up and improve their emotional state; more so if their spirits are low.

4. Amazon Elephant Ear

Also known as the African mask, the elephant’s ear is a hybrid and a stunning ornamental houseplant. It features deep, glossy green leaves with whitish to light green veins.

The plant requires bright, indirect light and well-moist soil. This large plant is not susceptible to diseases or pests, so it’s easy to care for.

5. Peace Lily

Peace lilies brighten up any space with their fresh, bright colors. They help cleanse the air and offer lovely indoor beauty.
Like most indoor plants, peace lilies require low to medium light and minimum watering. When provided with the right growing conditions, peace lilies can last for three to five years.

These are some of the best indoor plants that older people can adorn their homes with. They are easy to grow, require low maintenance, and help add greenery to the interior décor.


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