5 Stereotypes From Older Generations That Can Hold Us Back


Stereotypes could be very valuable and could even save the lives of individuals. For instance, the belief that most stray dogs are guaranteed to attack strangers might encourage an individual to be more cautious around them and travel with something to defend themselves such as pepper spray. There are attitudes that are complementary and provide a sense of warmth, such as Siberian Health. However, there are other stereotypes that are simply annoying but yet very harmless, such as girls should be dressed in pink and boys should be dressed in blue. But still, several stereotypes have impacted the lives of individuals in a negative way.

Elderly People Should Be Respected

Respect for the aged derives from primitive thinking when the elders were the only source of knowledge about what was happening in the world based on past experiences. Presently, there are countless resources that could be a source of information, plus the world is changing at such a rapid pace that the experience of generations from before immediately becomes outdated.

Additionally, in today’s world, it is not the grandmother that is teaching the granddaughter how to sow, rather the granddaughter is showing the grandmother how to use electronic devices and send emails. This does not mean that the younger generations should treat the elderly in a condescending or despicable way. Each person regardless of their age should be greeted with a polite attitude, however, respect should depend on the actions and attitudes of individuals and not just their age.

Relationships Require Hard Work

According to psychologists, love and family are not places of war or work. Individuals should not have to sacrifice themselves in such relationships. Relationships that are healthy, do not have partners that are considered rivals, they are team members. Disagreements will happen at some point, however, each side should be willing and ready to resolve the issue. For this to occur, individuals have to work on themselves and not on the relationship.

The relationship becomes toxic and needs to be ended if any individual feels bad whenever they are with their partner, and the time spent together does not emanate joy, if being ignored is the norm or the individual fails to understand that they are causes hurt. When things like this occur it does not mean that the other person is a bad person, but that you both require separate things, so the objectives of the team aren’t the same.

Laziness Is Bad

Each individual has put off doing something important for a later date or time, read an interesting book rather than studying for an examination, or skipped a morning workout session. As a rule, after something such as this occurs, the individual has a sense of shame due to the fact that they pandered to their own laziness. Plus, laziness is not rewarded in society and lazy people are not respected, as they are bombarded by insulting words.

However, as a matter of fact, each person has a right to be weak at some point. If laziness of an individual has not become a habit, then there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about, as it guards the body of someone from being overwhelmed. Many times after a good rest, an individual becomes much more productive and immediately finds unexpected resolutions to creative, complex issues.

There Are Jobs For Men And There Are Jobs For Women

Vocations are still separated into jobs for males and jobs for women. It has been a belief that females are not as technologically savvy as their male counterparts and that males are incompetent of showing empathy like their female opposites, therefore tending to the elderly and children is definitely not in their wheelhouse. However, it has been proven by neuroscience that the brain is independent of gender.

The brain according to science reflects the life which is fed to it. For instance, a young boy that has been given a LEGO set and is encouraged to consistently build something has a greater likelihood to become a skilled engineer or inventor. If a young girl is resented with dolls and encouraged to take care of them and playhouse, then her brain will lean towards such emotions and feelings. Our brains are programmed based on our upbringing and do not dictate any inclination to a particular job.

Females Love To Gossip

Several individuals are confident that female groups are loaded with intrigue and gossip, and that females go to the office simply to pick their work colleagues to pieces. This is a stereotype that quite often plays against females when they are attempting to become employed. However, researchers completed an experiment which discovered that each person, whether male or female gossips in the same fashion, plus individuals they do not really spend that much time on it, as the experiment showed that gossiping only accounted for roughly fourteen percent of the entire conversation.

The experiment also revealed that the gossip among females was often neutral and benevolent while the gossip among males was very negative. In addition, contrary to popular belief, older individuals gossip a lot less than younger individuals. Plus, the elderly often discuss persons in a positive light, while the younger generation is quite negative.


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