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5 Ways to Help the Elderly Take Their Medication on Time


If you’ve got aging parents or grandparents living with you, we know how big of a responsibility it can be. Most older adults suffer from numerous health conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, or renal problems, and they need to take their medicines on time every day. A common problem with most aged people is forgetfulness, which makes them forget to take their medication. And honestly, you can’t blame them. What you can do is help them take their medicines on time. Any sort of reminders or assistance is all that they need!
Let’s have a look at some ways in which you can make sure that your parents or grandparents aren’t missing out on their essential medications.

1. Make a Checklist Of Their Medications

You can make a list of all the prescription and over-the-counter drugs that the senior in your home takes and make columns for each day of the week. Tell them to put a checkmark against each medicine after they take it. It will help them keep track of the medications that they need to take and whether or not they took them in timely or not. Moreover, it is a great way to keep an eye on their medication routine as well.

2. Set Alarms

Your parents or grandparents are most likely to have a mobile phone with them. What you can do to help them take their medications on time is set alarms on their phone. Every time the alarm rings, they’ll know it’s time to take their meds.

3. Use an Automatic Pill Dispenser

You can always get your elderly an automatic pill dispenser, which, more than often, comes with an in-built alarm. Every time it’s time to take medicine, an alarm will alert them, and they can conveniently take the pills that are due to the dispenser. An automatic pill dispenser makes managing numerous medicines easier as well

4. Request Your Pharmacist For Reminder Tops

Reminder tops are an excellent tool to remind the elderly to take their medicines. You can set the reminder tops to ring at designated times. When it is time to take medicines, your elderly parents or grandparents will be reminded with the help of an alarm, which is hard to miss!

5. Get a Pill Box with Days Labeled On It

If there are a lot of medicines that your parents or grandparents have to take every day, it is possible that they might take some and forget others. Also, retrieving medicines from the packing may be too much work for some aged individuals. You can get a pillbox that has days marked on each portion. You can keep all the pills that they need to take each day in the box. This way, the elderly will only have to empty the section for that day and gulp the medicines down! It will also help you keep track of days they missed taking their medicines.

Making elderly people take their medicines on time is very important for their health. They’re already fragile, and skipping doses will only make them weaker. You can’t afford to let their blood pressure or sugar levels go out of control, especially when you’re at work. Using smart tools and techniques to help your seniors remember to take medicines on time is a highly responsible thing to do!

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