6 Basic Human Needs And Their Importance

A great deal of our behaviors can be associated with the need that we meet more regularly or as a matter of fact the needs that we do not meet that regularly. According to the basic human needs that are primary in our personality, a lot of time can be spent by us, whether consciously or unconsciously attempting to fulfill one or maybe two of those needs. Failure to do this can have a serious impact in a negative way on the complete sense of well-being. The ability to determine which of the six basic human needs is the foremost motivator for you and the ways in which they affect your ability to form healthy, sustainable relationships and the way in which we connect with other people is extremely important in grasping what impacts us and drives us. Knowing this can also assist in allowing you to better comprehend and ultimately manage the triggers and control your emotions better.

How these basic human needs are ranked is completely dependent on the individual that is ranking them, and how they are ranked is inevitably the reason you are the way you are as an individual. According to experts, these four needs of Certainty, Uncertainty or Variety, Significance, and Connection or Love shape or influence our personality, while Growth and Contribution impact our spiritual needs. The ways we aim to satisfy these needs through our careers, relationships, personal interests, and the list can go on, make the ways by which we try to meet these six basic human needs quite limitless.


This is the assurance that you can ultimately escape pain and gain pleasure. If certainty ranks as one of the tops of the needs on your list, then this means that you have a deep necessity to feel safe and secure about your future. Receiving recognition that is positive, more often than not must go together with the confidence that that positive recognition is indeed genuine and will not come to an end. For you to live a life that is concreted in certainty, your day to day life must stay the same which is practically impossible to accomplish, making this an improbable expectation to fulfill. What ends up happening is that you falsely try to control your surroundings by altering your expectations or shunning direct interaction with new people or new situations. You develop ways to motivate yourself positively and then seek to convey in a consistent way the exact or at times improved results in an attempt to gain more recognition. Following through with this process leads to the assurance that what you are doing will result in the avoidance of pain or gaining pleasure, this then fulfills the human need for certainty.

Uncertainty Or Variety

This is the underlying need for change, the unknown or new stimuli. Although it is crucial to fully understand the exquisiteness of uncertainty, there are those that have this as the top tier of their basic human needs that completely take it to the next level and definitely go overboard. This can have the face of frequent changes in relationships and career paths, simply for the sake of having variety, they might even get involved in pointless risks so that they can have that adrenaline rush that they desire so much. Nevertheless, once this is one of your top six basic human needs, you will not be scared of risk-taking and welcome the thought of meeting and interacting with new people and new situations.


Significance is the feeling of being unique, special, important, or needed. Having significance as one of the top basic human needs comes with the need to receive positive recognition. This may actually take the form of a desire to be heard, seen, and listened to, to cut a long story short, you have a desire to be noticed. Significance for you is measured through the way you accept as true for your uniqueness when compared to all others around you. Recognition in a positive way offers a sense of validation which in turn gives you the feeling of being heard, seen, needed, and or special. Recognition in this way is a chief driving force in human behavior as it acts as a measuring stick which we can track and analyze our own significance. As it relates to the workforce it is a valuable tool in maintaining employee productivity.

There are those that if they do not develop a way to have that feeling of significance, end up reverting to drastic measures, for instance, the instigator of frequent arguments and drinking too much alcohol so that they can feel better about themselves. While there are others that surround themselves with individuals that they consider to have accomplished less or are not as skilled as them in an effort to shed light on the vast difference to their own accomplishments. Neither of these particular behaviors is healthy but can result in enhanced significance.

Connection Or Love

This is a resilient feeling of intimacy or union with an individual or an item. To have this attribute as one of your top basic human needs means that you are consistently in the hunt for a close relationship with an individual or an item. The understanding here is that you grasp that love opens your eyes to the gift of life. This attribute can foster some great relationships, that are not only long-lasting but also fulfilling, however, it can also lead you towards detrimentally sacrificing yourself so that you can care for others or maintain a relationship.


This is the expansion of capacity, comprehension, or capability. This person is consistently trying to be better and know more, more often than not, they are great at their jobs however, have a tendency to move on quite swiftly if they have a feeling that they have reached their full potential in that job. Although the constant quest to be better gives the assurance that they would inevitably avoid boredom, these individuals tend to err on the side that leads to perfectionism and completely disregard the rest and relaxation that is required to maintain and manage their stress levels.


This personality trait gives the individual immense satisfaction from focusing on helping others, a sense of service by giving to and lending support to them. You are more than likely to make a great impact in your community if this is one of the top basic human needs as you will have an urge to contribute in any way possible. However, these individuals often forget that home drum beats first and tend to neglect those that are closest to them while they attempt to change the world around them.

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