6 Best Travel Nursing Agencies Of 2021


Travel nurses provide registered nurses commonly referred to as RNs a short-term opportunity for work in a vast amount of healthcare settings and specialties, both internationally and across the United States. Nurses that are searching for travel opportunities are usually those that view exploration and new challenges as alluring, practicing medical care in different cultures and environments while learning a new location.

In order to commence the recruitment process for work as a traveling nurse, these career seekers normally talk about their current credentials, previous clinical experience, and placement preferences with an agency recruiter, rather than a solitary hospital system. The staffing agency recruiter will assess the provided information from the nurses in terms of specialty and previous experience and look for possible assignments.

Triage Staffing – Best Overall

This agency is a travel nursing organization that provides a piece of everything for the nurses. Habitually showing up on numerous high-rated sites, possessing several qualifications and considerable ratings across many industry cornerstones, this company is, without doubt, considered the best-rounded in the midst of the organizations listed. Triage Staffing has dedicated itself to assisting healthcare professionals, including nurses in locating thirteen-week assignments in any state within the United States.

The company makes every effort to be transparent and to develop relationships that are more in-depth than standard business transactions. Healthcare professionals that are recruited are compensated on a weekly basis via a direct deposit system. The pay is really a package of benefits that include a stipend for housing, per diems, bonuses, overtime, and wages. Blue Cross Blue Shield supplies health insurance and those recruited receive a 401(k) option, vacation time, and dental insurance.

Aya Healthcare – Best For Sick Pay

Aya Healthcare has a very strong presence in the online arena including a very lively social media account on practically every major modern platform and blog. The website displays with pride numerous organization awards and rave reviews, which include the Joint Commission’s Golden Seal of Approval. Aya Healthcare has recruited thousands of nurses and associated workers throughout the country and also provides opportunities for Canadian traveling nurses.

The pay through this organization is based on the final placement of the individual, however, it does have a 401(k) option that has a company match component, discounts, license reimbursements, and nutrition and wellness programs. The nurses have the option of accepting the comprehensive vision, dental, and medical plan from Aya Healthcare from the initial day of placement. In addition, the company is one of the few that offer sick pay to its recruits, and the pay starts accruing from the initial day of the assignment.

Travel Nurse Across America – Education

TNAA or Travel Nurse Across America was created in 1999 in Arkansas. The company details its utilization of a complete team approach in helping nurses with certain areas of expertise suited to dealing with a vast array of requirements, such as clinical leadership and housing experts. TNAA is proud of the many benefits that are on offer, including paid fees for licensure prior to travel, tuition reimbursement, and low census pay.

Overtime is added in the pay for any additional hours worked, plus each state, there is paid sick leave which starts accumulating from the first day of placement. There is also a relationship that the company has with Aspen University, which allows individuals to receive their Bachelor of Science in Nursing within twelve months. Once successful, TNAA will reimburse the expenses for tuition.

Axis Medical Staffing – Customer Service

Axis Medical Staffing publicizes numerous desirable benefits such as immediate vesting in its organization-matched 401(k) plan, as well as an imbursement of paid tailored housing options, which include a deposit for pet costs that are provided through the agency. The company via its blog frequently highlights a different Traveler of the Month nurse. In addition, the website for Axis Medical Staffing has a dedicated page for Ask an Axis Travel Nurse that allows the submission of a simple and easy form, whereby a nurse would respond to all queries. There is also a live chat component on the home page for easy accessibility.

FlexCare Medical Staffing – Best Track Record

This agency has been touted as the most adorned travel nursing agency out of all the players, as it has in excess of 1727 reviews. It has a gold finish on Travel Nursing Central and has also been on the Highway Hypodermics list every year since 2011. The agency via its website flaunts that it has a Premier Traveler Access program that provides potential travel nurses with the prospect of unlocking and viewing ranges in pay for a vast amount of job openings, additionally they have the option of personalizing alerts through email and text.

FlexCare Medical Staffing details that the mission of the agency is to provide support to travelers by offering a one-time shop that meets all needs of the recruits. It has the capabilities of offering a competitive and transparent salary rate, help in searching for housing and jobs, supporter for the traveler, and guarantee payment in a timely manner.

Advantis Medical – Best Newcomer

This agency was founded as an auxiliary of Advantis Global. The mission is to recruit nurses and provide places for them in highly rated institutions throughout the country. The company provides customer connections with same-day ambulatory surgical centers, outpatient clinics, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities.

The benefits from this program include a 401(k) plan, health insurance that includes vision, dental and medical, aid with housing options, and direct deposits which can be accessed from the first day of placement. There is also compensation for referrals. The application process takes one minute to complete which is very advantageous for a traveling nurse that is consistently on the move.


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