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6 Cruises for the Single Senior


Singles cruises can be a great way to break the monotony of everyday life. These short getaways have many advantages, especially for single seniors that are looking to meet people and have new interactions and experiences. Some of the advantages of taking a singles cruise include meeting new people, seeing new places, getting a break for the regular, taking classes and dancing, and having an overall fun experience!
Here are some of the best singles cruises designed for seniors to meet and interact with each other:

1. Silversea Cruises

These all-inclusive cruises offer a luxury experience and have special deals on single supplement deals on select cruises. They have specially designed programs for single passengers like the Gentlemen Hosts program; the cruise offers a gentlemen partner for single women who want to enjoy a meal and dance with someone. Silversea cruises are known as one of the world’s best small ship cruises.

2. Singles Cruise

Singles cruise has it right in the name, so everyone on board this luxury all-inclusive experience will be like-minded and want the same fun experience as you! The cruise provides experiences onboard that cater directly to the single community and will help you loosen up and mingle with others on the ship. Some of these activities include cocktail mixers, speed meetings, dance lessons, trivia, and more.

3. Holland America Line

Holland America has many programs in place to cater directly to the solo traveler. They offer Single Partners Programs on select cruises that let you enjoy parties, mixers, and game nights designed for singles traveling alone. They have many other systems in place to make solo travelers as comfortable as possible, including arranging seating at dinner for singles to meet upon request.

4. Singles Travel International

With their average traveler between the ages of 48-65, this cruise line has over 20 years of experience catering to a single senior. They offer all sorts of cruises from safaris to a weekend away drinking wine in Italy. These trips are fully designed for the needs of seniors so you won’t have to be wary of not meeting the right people on board.

5. Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Cruise line offers a wide variety of destinations through their cruises; anywhere from Alaska to Europe to the Caribbean – you name it, they’ll take you there. They have specially designed rooms for solo travelers and multiple onboard activities. You can choose to dine or watch a show amongst many other singles that choose this cruise – you’ll be sure to have a great time!

6. Solo’s Holidays

This UK-based cruise offers different experiences that are divided up by age. You can be sure to be grouped with the right age group to get a much better and more fulfilling experience. They offer international trips that all depart from London or the surrounding areas.
Don’t be afraid to be a solo traveler. Cruises are well-equipped and frequently visited by solo travelers. Other singles onboard are always willing to make new friends; they’re on the ship for the same reason as you – they’re single and ready to mingle!


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