6 Great Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

When it comes to cell phone plans, you can go with one of the big cell phone providers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon) or opt for a smaller company (like Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Cricket Wireless and Jitterbug). All of them have their pros and cons. When selecting a plan, consider who you contact most, and when. Do you make a call to adult day care every day, or have a standing phone date with a relative? Do you make calls mainly from your home, or would you like the freedom to make calls while out and about? There are many types of cell phone plans to accommodate your needs.

1. AT&T’s GoPhone Daily.

AT&T’s GoPhone Daily is a great option for seniors who want a phone for sporadic use and prefer AT&T’s coverage. It’s $2 a day only if you use the phone that day. And if you do, it’s unlimited calls and texts

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