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6 Most Powerful Investment Opportunities For Seniors


Investing is an exciting opportunity to dabble in after you retiree because now you have the time to take it seriously. There are several low-risk/high-return investment opportunities for seniors:

#1 Real Estate Trusts

Real estate trusts (REIT) invest in mortgages or direct equity positions in various properties. Real estate is a great market to get involved with because even when the rest of the stock market is in decline REITs generally do not fluctuate much.

#2 Peer-to-Peer Lending

Better known as P2P, peer-to-peer lending connects borrowers with investors. They have grown in popularity because unlike a lot of investments, both sides traditionally benefit. The best way to think of it is lending without using a bank as the intermediary.

#3 Municipal Bonds

These debt securities issued by state, county, and municipal governments are popular because they are tax-free. Municipal bonds also produce a higher yield with a shorter maturity compared to U.S. Treasury bonds.

#4 U.S. Treasury Notes & Bonds

However, that is not to say that U.S. Treasury notes and bonds do not still produce a good yield for seniors. These long-term securities produce higher interest rates and continue to remain popular among retirees.

#5 Annuities

Annuities are investment contracts between you and an insurance company. There are many different forms of annuities yet they almost all include a guaranteed return at a stated rate. It is hard to find a guarantee anywhere else regarding investing.

#6 Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities

It may sound like a mouthful but Treasury inflation-protected securities are easier to understand than they sound. Better known as TIPS, these investments are different from other Treasury securities because they pay interest and additional principal to compensate for inflation.