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6 Of The Best Senior Living Communities


If you’re a senior or if you’re the loved one of a senior and you’re looking for a reputable housing community then you’ll want to check out these 6 amazing options.

#1 Brookdale Senior Living

You’ll want to check out Brookdale as they have over 1,100 communities are located in 47 states. They are simply the largest provider in the United States. They have over 100,000 residents and rising. The total number of communities as of this writing is 1,123.

#2 Holiday Retirement

If you’re looking for a community that is more “independent living” then Holiday Retirement is the best option for you. They are located in 43 states. They may not be as large as Brookdale but they do boast over 36,000 residents and counting. Their main headquarters is in Lake Oswego, Oregon and they currently have 308 different communities.

#3 Lifecare Services

Next up, we have Life Care Services. They are currently operating out of 30 states and they have a wide array of options. Whether you’re looking for independent living, assisted living, or simply continuing care, they have the option for you. It has a total of 140 communities with the largest area being Chicago which has 11 communities.

#4 Five Star Senior Living

If you’re in need of memory care then you’ll like Fiver Star Senior Living. They reside in 32 states and have a strong presence in the South with communities in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. It’s touted to have a very extensive dining program. This includes a “celebrity chef”, it’s own recipe cookbook, and a culinary institute. The total number of residents is just over 26,000 and its main headquarters is in Newton, Massachusetts.

#5 Sunrise Senior Living

If assisted living is your main concern then you’ll want to check out Sunrise Senior Living. They are considered to be the 2nd largest provider in the country for assisted living. They are located in 30 states and are one of the communities that not only focus on seniors but that pets are a great option for seniors. In other words, they are a pet friendly community. They currently have 253 communities and over 25,000 residents.

#6 Atria Senior Living

Atria Senior Living offers a combination of independent living, memory care, and assisted living. They are located in 27 states. They are one of the more ‘environmentally friendly’ communities. They have buildings that have passed the certification to be labeled as “LEED-Certified”. Their main headquarters is in Louisville, Kentucky and they have over 20,000 residents within 156 communities.