6 Ways To Provide Your Nervous System With A Break


Regardless of what year it is, life could be a lot for most people. Going from family obligations to work stressors to current events, the nervous system is what bears the entire burden of all of it. What is more is that constantly persons are receiving messages to be productive, remaining socially engaged, and sustaining an exercise routine, all the while keep up the reflection practices and feeding the children their probiotics. Many times individuals just have to say they have had enough. Everyone has a limit of what they can bear, it changes for each individual and it is not too hard to reach that point with everything that is currently going on. Allowing ourselves to run dry does not come without severe penalties, sometimes sooner rather than later. The great news is that they are simple, small options to rejuvenate, get some rest, and resilience into your life. The nervous system requires rest in the same way persons require the use of the bathroom, get rest and sleep and hydrate themselves.

Weigh It Down

Weight offers the brain some proprioceptive input, which could create an organized and calming effect on the nervous system of the body. We mainly receive stimuli from typical day-to-day routines, such as walking with a bag of books, chewing gum, or even pushing a lawnmower. Proprioceptive input is in addition an officially used occupational and physical therapy that can take care of many things from autism to injuries to cerebral palsy. There are several options to provide yourself with proprioceptive input and to assist the nerves in calming down.

Weight Training – Lifting weights is an uncomplicated option to receive that stimuli and obtain that exercise simultaneously. A study conducted on an Olympic weightlifter discovered that the act of lifting can be advantageous in the proprioceptive response. Further study also disclosed that lifting weights might enhance kinesthesia or body awareness. Weighted Blankets, Pillows, and Vests – In order to calm your nervous system in a more soothing fashion, persons could try many other weighted accessories. Weighted blankets are comfortable ways of receiving deep pressure, which has the potential to assist in the reduction of the heart rate in young people during molar extraction. Cuddling Up with A Loved One – Besides weighted accessories and weight lifting, another marvelous old-fashioned cuddle with someone you care deeply for could also act as a comforting weight. Cuddling has been proven to discharge endorphins as well as oxytocin which is referred to as the love hormone. The more time spent spooning, the greater the sense of calm.

Shake It Off

You might have witnessed a dog shake itself off after a more than close altercation with a less than a friendly dog. According to research, there are animals that engage in shaking themselves as a way to allow trauma to escape their bodies. Trauma can build up in the nervous system due to difficult experiences and there has been some proof to imply that it can be released through shaking. Shaking is also known as neurogenic or therapeutic tremoring, which is a modus operandi utilized in trauma and tension therapeutic exercises for release.

Heat It Up

The majority of persons have experienced the soothing touch of a warm embrace or a hot bath. Hot baths might assist in the reduction of inflammation and the regulation of blood sugar. It has also been suggested that the use of saunas might enhance endorphins. Your bath could be accommodated to your requirements and inclinations. A study conducted in 2018 disclosed that simple heating pads assisted in the decrease of distress and anxiety in females undergoing cystoscopy.

Attempt A Tracking Exercise

Another option to calm the nerves and settle the mind is to attempt a tracking exercise. Tracking is simply another corporal experiencing method which could assist in the feeling of being more grounded and present. You could try this exercise, sit in comfort and take several deep breaths to relax, and then as you are ready, slowly begin to survey the room and allow your stare to fixate on varying items, once you gaze upon these objects, call the name of the object out loud, in the event that a specific object appeals to you, hang on it for a while, then repeat this until you start to feel that calming sense and are ready to stop. This might appear to be a simple exercise, and in fact, it is. Focusing on the pleasant things surrounding you as you turn your attention to the exterior environment, sends signals to your nervous system that everything is well.

Feed Yourself Fat

You better believe it, the central nervous system and the brain loves fat. The protective coating known as myelin is wrapped around the nerve cells. Research has proven that consuming fat could assist in keeping that protective coating healthy by putting a stop to the wearing down of the myelin or demyelination. Consider consuming healthy fats as an option to literally mitigate your nervous system. Fats that are healthy include nuts, avocado, and fatty fish.

Make Space for Space

One of the most underrated however highly insightful practice for giving the central nervous system a rest is simply to give it a break. Most persons live busy lives and might not have the time in their routine to simply take a break. Although when it does happen, most people select to fill that space with a movie or getting caught up with a friend, or strolling through social media feeds. Although there is absolutely nothing specifically wrong with these activities, the central nervous system is craving silence and space. Regardless of what it is, every activity has some form of stimuli, ultimately giving the nervous system a break means to truly feed it with the minimal amount of stimulation possible. We give our entire nervous system the opportunity to recalibrate when we consciously decide to give it a rest. Enhanced immunity, increased resilience, and a greater sense of well-being are a result of a healthy central nervous system.


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