7 Hacks To Save Your Day When Trouble Strikes


As we grow older, we realize that they said knowledge is power is indeed true and it could get individuals out of some sticky situations which might appear to be dead ends when they first examine it. Consider being stuck in the middle of God knows where with a car that has broken down or being deserted in the wild without anything to drink. Although individuals might think that these are situations that deserve to have a panic attack, there are options they could learn which could help them prepare for such things. Here are some life hacks that could be helpful in some diverse life troubles.

Ran Out Of Drinking Water In The Wild

One of the easiest and safest options for collecting water in the wild is to collect dew. All that is required to do is find a section where you believe will be an adequate amount of dew, such as a field. The most optimum time to collect is the morning. Wipe up the dew using material that is absorbent such as a t-shirt or cotton towel, then wring it out into a clean container. By using this method, individuals are able to collect an adequate amount of water for drinking at a very fast rate.

In The Event That The Pan Is On Fire

One of the worst things individuals could do in the event that their pan is on fire is to throw water on it. The water as it hits the hot grease or even the oil could result in an explosion which could result in burns. Rather than this, individuals need to cover it, if at all possible, with a lid. Be very careful while doing this and do not move the pan, allow it to cool.

If You Need To Build A Fire On A Windy Day

In a situation such as this it might appear to be very challenging, however, with these following steps individuals could build a fire that is sustainable; find a location that is out of the snow, rain, or wind if possible; look for dead dry plant materials from the localized area which will act as firewood, kindling and tinder for the fire; create a mound that is about the size of a fist with the tinder materials.

Put the thinnest dead twigs to cover it. Build a structure that resembles a cone with the materials. Then add sticks that are roughly a finger width in diameter. Set it ablaze by using paper with oil on it from the end where the wind is blowing from.

If Your Vehicle Suddenly Breaks Down

In the event that this occurs when you are not close to your home or if it happens in the dead of night, individuals are still able to do something which will improve their situation. Check to determine if there is cell reception and make a call for a tow service, they will collect you and your vehicle and take them to the closest town where it could be repaired.

If this is not possible, be prepared to spend the night in the vehicle: ensure all the windows are rolled up and the doors are closed and locked, so that the warmth remains inside, and no one can get in. Wait till the day breaks in order to attract other individuals to your situation. Remain close to the road the entire time. If you do know where you are when it becomes morning, see if you are able to walk to the nearest gas station or town in order to get help.

If You Forgot Your Fishing Rod

Fish traps can be created out of plastic bottles. Simply, cut the top off of a large plastic bottle; tie a line to the bottle to ensure that it would not sink; Place the top of the bottle that resembles a funnel upside down in the other section of the bottle; put the bait and some stones in the bottle to make it sinkable; place the bottle into the water so that it will lie flat on the bottom of the lake; retrieve the bottle after a few hours by pulling it up with the attached line to see what you have caught.

If There Are Stains On Your Clothes

Common food stains can be removed from clothes by following the below; soak the stained area with water immediately; apply an absorbent such as cornstarch, talcum powder, baking soda, or salt on the stain; allow it to remain for roughly fifteen minutes, then remove and rinse.

In Case Of Power Outage

In the event that there is a sudden power outage and there are no candles in sight, individuals could easily make an emergency candle with normal household items. For example, individuals could make a candle using butter by cutting off a rectangle piece of butter; place a wick inside of it; ignite it with a match. Ensure to place it in a glass, this should provide you with a minimum of one hour of light per tablespoon. Individuals could also use an orange; simply slice the orange in half in order to remove the top section of the peel; pour some oil into the center of the pith and ignite it.


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