7 Signs That You Were Or Are A Good Parent


Every parent tries to be perfect in their child’s eyes. There are those that are strict, those who are not so strict, however, all of them are doing what they believe is correct. However, very often parents do not remember what the most critical things for their children are. Below are the key indicators to reveal that you are indeed a good parent.

Your Children Share Their Issues With You

It is excellent when the daughter or son tells their parents about their achievements and their successes. However, it is much more vital for the children to be able to tell them about their issues as well. It is only natural to want to talk about the things that bother you. The reason being is that individuals are seeking comfort from those they tell. They are looking for that support and listening ear. Children ought to understand that various situations will happen and that there is absolutely nothing bad when mistakes are made.

Good Grades Are Not Everything To You

In the event that the child or children received bad grades at school, they should not be scare to discuss it with you. Children that are afraid will often hide their grades and go into a panic when they believe that their parents may discover the truth. Good parents are able to explain to their children that it is critical to be good at their school work. However, it is the knowledge that actually is important and not just the grades.

Private Space In The Family Is Respected

Several parents believe that when a child is entering a room, they should knock first. However, the parents do not follow this same rule. The rules that are enforced in the family ought to be the same for each individual. The private space of children should be respected, showing this, they will respect your space as well.

Children Are Not Criticized

Individuals that are good parents do not criticize their children. Plus they do not especially call them lazy, fat or stupid, or any name such as this. Words such as these have the capacity to cause children to be insecure for a long time. This trauma could actually be for life. Select the words that are used carefully and thoughtfully. State exactly what it is that disappoints you, however, do not insult the child while doing this.

Admitting Mistakes And Apologizing

Every individual makes mistakes, adults as well as children. However, the majority of parents do not remember that their children have to be taught how to apologize by them. This must be displayed to them by example. In the event that the parent recognizes that they have overreacted when in fact they had no reason to. It is not time to be ashamed of this and become timid regards apologizing to the child. Parents, in fact, individuals, who are able to admit their shortcomings are considered strong human beings.

Not Imposing Self Interest To Children

Children ought to be able to do the things that they are interested in, things that they love. Not the things that the parents like. It is great if a father that played basketball has a daughter that loves sports as well. However, it is possible that the child might like dancing or soccer. Learn to discern the talents of the children and try not to impose the dreams and visions you once had onto them. Good parents should implore their children to develop and assist them in growing up to be joyous individuals. Individuals that do what they love.

Trust The Words Of Their Children

This situation often occurs. A father or a mother goes to an activity where the leader informs them that their child has misbehaved. A parent that is angry will not attempt to ascertain the full story regarding the situation. They return home and begin to yell at the child. However, prior to screaming, it is better to find out from the child what happened in their opinion. Perhaps the child was to blame at all, and they required assistance in dealing with the situation.


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