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7 Steps To Happy & Healthy Aging

Aging is a natural and unavoidable part of human life and there is nothing as never getting old. But with wise choice of habits, you can delay aging and the harmful effects that ignorance can bring down on your health and moods with age. So, try to follow these 7 steps to happy and healthy aging:

#1: Say “Yes” To Healthy Diet


You may have spent a good part of your life having to grab a to-go burger on your way to work and a quick high-calorie lunch to last you through the day. But now, you need to change your eating habits and switch to servings of fruits, vegetables, and healthy foods in order to avoid ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart issues to which elders are the easiest preys. So, cut down on all sorts of unnecessary carbs, salts, sugars, and high-fat meats and get used to healthy eating.

#2: Regular Medication & Doctor Visits

Doctor Visits

It never harms to be proactive in taking care of your health. Seniors should make it a ritual to visit their primary care physicians regularly for discussing changes in existing health conditions or discussing any new observations in health. This helps them to stay on top of things making sure health problems get taken care of before they grow massive and out of control. Besides, regular visits to physicians ensure you get the mandatory vaccinations, supplements, and medication in time.

#3: Exercise Regularly


With age, the body and mind tend to lose their agility, and thus, having a proper exercise routine is a must. Staying motivated to do so is a challenge indeed, especially if you have some health issues that you are dealing with. To make this fun, try to exercise with a bunch of friends. And you don’t always have to hit the gym. You can go walking, jogging, hiking, bicycling or swimming or whatever you like. The motive should just be to keep those muscles moving while you enjoy the company of your friends.

#4: Maintain a Positive Outlook Towards Life

Positive attitude

Growing old comes with its own load of negative feelings which can be really burdensome and can leave you disheartened if such feelings are allowed to take over. Thus, focusing on the positive aspects of life and thinking about the good moments of the past, present and future can help in maintaining long term happiness.

#5: Quit Smoking or Drinking

Quit Smoking

There would have been a time when these habits didn’t seem to take a toll on your health. However, if you continue to walk along with the habit of smoking or drinking as you grow older, it is going to kick out your energy and draw negative impacts on mental and physical health. Seniors who have given up such habits have seen an overall improvement in moods, energy, and respiratory problems.

#6: Do Something Different


Your whole life, you might have had the same kind of job or the same kind of everyday things to do but now, you need to do more than just routine. One of the biggest issues that the elderly face is memory problems. So, try to take up something new every once in a while, whether it is solving puzzles, painting, playing badminton or writing letters, or anything that appears fun to you. The idea is to keep the brain working and going on unpredictable paths.

#7: Leverage Your Social Connections


Nothing is better at this point than being able to connect with old friends and acquaintances. Today, this has been made easier with Facebook and other social media websites. Find friends, get to know how they are doing, and try to set up meetings with them if you can. Stay in touch with all those who have been important in your life. You can even stay connected through phone or email. This activity has been proven to keep seniors motivated quite a lot towards being happy and more active.