7 Things That Could Happen If You Sleep On An Old Mattress


In a perfect world, individuals would with a bit of luck wake up from their night of peaceful sleep feeling energized and well-rested to face the challenges of another day. However, in the event that persons actually wake up feeling all the aches and pains or like if you just blinked and it was morning, those individuals may just want to begin the search for a new mattress, as the current one might just be the source of the issues. Even though there are several reasons medically that persons might not be able to sleep properly, this article will highlight some of the ways that an old mattress could disrupt an individual’s sleep and health.

Allergies From Dust Mites May Develop

According to certified sleep coaches, there is a great chance that dust mites could be the problem once you are sleeping on an old mattress. The goal of every person should be to spend at least thirty-three percent on their mattresses, as this would be signifying that they are getting the desired quantity of sleep which is between seven to nine hours each day. In doing so, however, dead skin would be released from the body and the natural oils which could be appealing to dust mites. Experts note that dust mites might be a problem for any type of mattress, however, the older the mattress is the larger the chance of dust mites, which could be serious problems for those persons that suffer from asthma and allergies. Plus, individuals that have skin conditions such as eczema, dust mites could pose a possible hazard.

Asthma Could Become Worse

Individuals suffering from allergies to dust or have allergic asthma could experience congestion of the nasal passage and breathing problems in the airways as they sleep on a mattress that is old and dusty, as stated by a board-certified sleep physician, Noah Siegel from Harvard. Traditional asthma has what the experts refer to as circadian rhythm, and it has a tendency to work in the late evenings and nights, insult to injury comes when persons add environmental exposures associated with the mattress. Although sleeping on an old mattress would not result directly in nighttime asthma, it would, however, cause symptoms to become worse for the individuals that suffer from the condition.

There Could Be A Mold Problem

As time elapses the mattress on which individuals sleep becomes weighed down as dust continues to collect on it, so as to sweat and dead skin cells. Experts believe that the moisture problem from sweat could result in mold forming within the mattress, leading to potential allergies. Dr Noah Siegel states that mold is a likelihood of something which as the result of sleeping on an old mattress, could possibly affect an individual’s breathing and health. Mold is a very problematic allergy to clearly identify, there are a variety of types, however, a person could be actually allergic to the mold or they could just be sensitive to the mold.

Suffering From Back And Neck Pain

According to chiropractors, pain in the lower back and neck is typically a complaint that is due to the support or lack thereof from an older mattress. In particular, sleeping on an old mattress that has no support efficiency places stress on tendons, ligaments, and joints of the spine. As the mattress ages, it will eventually get softer and the support will decrease for the spine. This means that sustaining proper posture during the night will become more and more difficult, and the ability to maintain proper posture during sleep is a great way of relieving pain in the lower back.

Feeling Additionally Stressed

A study that likened stress-associated symptoms to the quality of sleep between individuals sleeping on new mattresses in contrast to those on older mattresses, discovered that the newer mattresses enhance the quality of sleep and decreased the discomfort in the back, which are both considered factors that could reduce stress-related symptoms. Correspondingly, sleep and stress are quite often interrelated. Stress possesses the ability to keep several adults from acquiring adequate amounts of sleep, and the lack of sleep could be a catalyst for stress. Therefore, if the old mattress makes it difficult for individuals to sleep, the levels of stress could increase resulting in a cycle being developed.

Memory Loss Could Occur

Individuals could suffer from problems with their memory if they are having difficulty sleeping on an old mattress. Dr. Noah Siegel states that one of the main functions of sleep is the consolidation of memory. So, if someone is uncomfortable during the night because of an old mattress, this consolidation process is not efficiently occurring. In addition, the REM or rapid eye movement stage of sleep is especially known to assist persons with information retention.

Poor Quality Or Reduced Sleep

Lessor poor quality of sleep could result in a variety of other health-related complications. Poor quality of sleep is linked to weight gain, depression, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, heart disease, issues concentrating, and daytime sleepiness just for starters. In the meantime, getting adequate amounts of sleep has countless health benefits including type II diabetes prevention, and enhanced immunity system, and weight management. Medical and sleep experts also state that sleep time is the time for the body to go into recovery mode, therefore individuals should ensure that they are comfortable as they sleep.


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