7 Things You Didn’t Know About Bedbugs


When you heard that old rhyme, good night, sleep tight, and do not let the bed bugs bite is sometimes a little too accurate for its own good. After all, bed bugs aren’t just from the dreamt-up fancy in a children’s storybook, they are real live pests that could be a bit scary to encounter and quite difficult to get rid of. As outbreaks caused by bed bugs are so frequent, there is sufficient opportunity for a plethora of myths, rumors, and fallacies regarding the menace micro bug and the reality and difficulty in persons determining how to locate them and ultimately eliminating them. In this article we will attempt to separate fact from fiction, however, if you realize that you have a bed bug issue, the first thing to do I not to panic and call a specialist exterminator immediately.

Bed Bugs do not Discriminate

There is just this pointless stigma that is connected with the bed bug. They are not linked to any poor living or housekeeping conditions or a specific level of poverty or anything of that sort, the bottom line is that anyone can get them. Therefore if you do have them, or know of an individual who has, always remember that it has absolutely nothing to do with personal hygiene practices.

Bed Bugs have not been proven to Transmit and Harmful Diseases

In contrast to the various other insects and pests known to man, research has been unable to prove that bed bugs do anything more damaging than making the hair stand up on your skin. However, that does not mean that persons should simply brush them off as insignificant bugs as some believe that the study is inconclusive and incomplete, while others hold the view that they are mental health issues, as they are individuals that lose sleep due to the fact that they are so engrossed the bed bugs. Some may even miss days of work and spend countless hours attempting to Google the information on the bugs, there is a name for it called bed bug paranoia. Bed bugs have been known to exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms in persons who have a history of suffering from them.

No Two Individual’s Bed Bugs Bites will look the same

It is almost impossible to recognize that you have an unfamiliar bite and do hesitate to consult the internet for an urgent diagnosis. However, simply because Google informs you that bites from a bed bug look a particular way does not automatically mean that the bite you receive is from a bed bug. According to experts in the field, bites quite often manifest in groupings of three or a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or 1,2,3 pattern, however, more than thirty percent of persons that are bitten do not have any reaction to the bites at all. It is also known that others have had bites that are singular and scattered.

Bed Bugs are not Truly Nocturnal

Although these scary creatures love to show their faces before dawn breaks, do not assume that you can stay awake all night long to get the better of them. A bed bug is considered an opportunist pest, even though the standard peak hours for feeding is during 2 am and 5 am if you do not go to bed until after the sunrises, due to work or any other reason, the bugs will feed on you during the hours that you do go to bed. As stated by scientists the bed bugs are attracted to the body temperature of humans and what is more, they are extremely sensitive and attracted to the carbon dioxide that we breathe out.

Although you may not see them, you might still have them

Even though an itchy bite could indicate the presence of bed bugs and trigger that they are a problem, you would still require closer inspection in order to prove that you do have them. Persons typically miss the signs of the infestation is relatively low. For persons to know without hesitation that they do have bed bugs, they will need the opinion of a professional, who would normally take roughly one-hour to inspect rooms for evidence of bed bugs. Signs to look for include peppering, which are black fecal spots that are typically embedded in the seams of the mattress or on the box spring, in addition, look out for insect skins, as the immature bugs typically shed their skin as much as five times prior to transforming into an adult. You might also but upon actual bed bugs, which, depending on the age of the bug, could be clear or rust in color.

You do not have to throw your clothes in the trash

A typically false impression regarding bed bugs is that once you realize that you have them, that everything that they touch should be thrown away or sent to the dry cleaners. However, this is not the case, as heat has been confirmed as the number one eliminator of bed bugs. The professionals treat furniture and rooms with an amalgamation of deep heat, dry steam cleaning, and chemical treatments. If you believe that your clothes were in a room that was infected, then place them in the dryer for thirty minutes at 120 degrees and this will get rid of any bug.

Treating your Home yourself for Bed Bugs is a No-No

Regardless of what you do, do not try to fumigate your home for bed bugs on your own. Avoid using a bug fogger or bomb, even if it states that it is for use on bed bugs. All this would accomplish is scattering the bugs throughout the house, and if it is an apartment, sharing them with your neighbors. Boric acid and the other items sold by grocery stores will result in failed attempts as well. The use of a professional is vital, and the earlier the better. It should be dealt with immediately, as a single female has the capabilities of laying up to 500 eggs in her lifetime, so it could reach epidemic proportions quickly.


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