7 Ways You’re Probably Sleeping Wrong


There is always a right way and then there is a wrong way. Included in this is that there is a correct way to sleep and it includes much more than just crawling into the bed and switching the lights off. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that individuals make that could be the reason for keeping them awake during the night.

Consistently Wearing The Same Pajamas

Definitely what is worn to bed matters, yes, even though it is just what is being slept in. The body temperature has a critical role in the sleep cycle, a tiny reduction in the temperature is what results in persons falling to sleep, according to Dr. Raj Dasgupta, a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. This ultimately means that if a person is too cold or too hot, it could prohibit them from receiving a proper night’s rest. Wearing silk to bed is the ideal choice, due to the fact it maintains the warm feeling during chilly nights and keeps the individual cool when it is hot. If the cost of silk is the deciding factor, try using breathable cotton during the warmer seasons and flannel that is cozy during the colder months.

Sleeping In The Wrong Position

If someone is really trying their hardest to sleep on their back during the night, due to the fact that they were advised that it prevents wrinkles, they may end up with bags under their eyes, trying to prevent wrinkles. Sleep posture impacts the quality of sleep and persons should sleep in the position that they are normally inclined to be in. However, specific conditions have to result in the recommendation of certain sleeping postures that may not be a natural position however, it might more beneficial for a good night’s rest. Sleeping on the side or lateral sleeping is an excellent option for those individuals that snore or suffer from medical conditions that need the airways to stay open, for instance.

Slept On The Same Mattress For Years

A well broke in bed, could leave the individual with pains in the back and neck and also result in fewer hours of sleep. A mattress should be replaced at least every eight years, as stated by the National Sleep Foundation. If for instance time has been lost on you, investigate the mattress for sagging or worn areas around the center or the edged of the bed; if found it signifies a need for a change. For optimum sleep, seek out a mattress that has a firmness of medium.

Pillows Have Never Been Replaced

Pillows are stuffed with more than just polyester stuffing or feathers, they are also magnets for dead skin, dust mites, and dust, which could easily increase the weight of the pillow by fifty percent over the course of three years. Pillows should be washed in the washing machine frequently over the duration of the lifespan of the pillow, they should also be replaced every two years, as stated by the National Sleep Foundation. A good test of whether the pillow should be replaced is to fold the pillow in half and if that pillow does not spring back straight into shape, the pillow should be replaced. Also, another great sign is waking up with a crick in the neck

Leaving Dishes On The Nightstand

The majority of individuals have either sipped a beverage or snacked while in bed, however, leaving the leftovers close by is simply seeking out trouble. Creepy crawlies such as cockroaches are enticed to the area by the most microscopic crumb, therefore constantly sleeping next to an empty sometimes half-empty container of popcorn or some other food, or glass of wine or milk could draw the critters out as the individual falls asleep. What is more is that snacking at late times could activate heartburn, which would definitely keep them awake. Consuming foods so late at night could also result in the metabolism being messed up.

Your Mobile Device Is Your Lullaby

It may appear that a fast game of Candy Crush or another such game or social media strolling could be a quick way of getting to sleep, however, it really has a contrasting effect. Studies have confirmed that the blue wavelength light emanating from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones increases the discharge of cortisol in the brain, increasing the alertness, even though it decreases in the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that lulls individuals to sleep. As a matter of fact, researchers from Harvard discovered that individuals who reviewed an e-book prior to bed took an additional ten minutes to get to sleep and only fifty percent of the melatonin is produced than those that read a paperback during the same time.

Sleeping With Contact Lenses In

Only if the contact lenses that are approved for use overnight, should be worn during bedtime, individuals should always remove theirs in any other circumstance. Frequently sleeping with contact lenses could increase the chance of developing light sensitivity, eye infection, corneal ulcers, and at times even vision loss.


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