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70 is the New 60

5 Ways to Embrace Your Younger Self

Don’t let the stigmas of getting old define how you act and feel. Didn’t you hear? 70 is the new 60! We know you feel young at heart, so why give up the things you love just because you feel that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re getting old? Eat healthily, drink lots of water, and take your vitamins; other than that, here are a few things you can do to keep your young spirit alive:

1. Get Active

Instead of giving in to the sedentary lifestyle as you age, you should remain active! Start going on evening walks or join a seniors’ yoga class to make sure that your muscles don’t start to deteriorate. You want your body to feel as young as your mind. It is easy to get into a lazy lifestyle as you age because you feel like your body doesn’t work as well as it used to. However, the more you let your body slip, the harder it will be for you to get back into shape!

2. Take an Online Class

Keeping your mind sharp is just as important as keeping your body fit to help you stay feeling young. You can take online courses on almost anything that interests you; from poetry to finance, you can take a class on anything. This is especially for those who regret not learning something in their youth, but now have all the time in the world to learn – plus, you will get to feel like a student again, and that will definitely make you feel younger! You can check out our picks for free online courses for seniors here.

3. Stay in Touch

Don’t lose touch with family and friends. Feeling lonely is one of the quickest and worst ways you can start to feel old. Whether staying in touch entails a phone call to your family a few times a week, or planning to get together with your friends for a day out; keeping your relationships with other people strong will help you feel rejuvenated and young.

4. Join a Club or Class

Joining a club or a class is a great way to interact with people and also give you a purpose. This could be anything from a bridge or bingo club to a pottery, knitting, or yoga class. You will get to regularly interact with people while doing an activity; it’s both fun and mentally stimulating!

5. Dress How You Feel

Getting old does not automatically mean you need to start dressing in drab colors and ill-fitting clothing. Stay young at heart by looking young – keep up with fashion through your senior years so you can look and feel young at the same time. Take a page right out of Iris Apfel’s book! Do whatever your heart desires to help you feel your best. Don’t give in to what society thinks a senior should be like; break the stigma and show the world what seniors can actually do!

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