8 Foods That Can Make You Look Older


There had to be a reason why our skin feels a bit weird after successive holiday celebrations and parties, mojito-filled beach days, or barbeques; according to Ariel Ostad from the American Academy of Dermatology, what we eat affects our skin. Although indulging here and there will not result in aging overnight, a consistent diet that is unhealthy could accelerate the process of aging on the skin and the teeth as time elapses. Read on to find out about certain foods that should be consumed in moderation so that you continue to look as young as possible for as long as possible.


An overload of sugar might jump-start a process known as glycation. What the experts believe to be happening during this process is that once a person consumes more sugar than the body is able to process, the additional sugar molecules mix with proteins, to create advanced glycation end products, aptly referred to as AGES. Advanced glycation end products might cause damage to the collagen of the skin, which is the protein that keeps the skin looking youthful and firm. Not surprising but too much sugar is not a good thing for your smile. It sticks to the teeth, encouraging discoloration, decay, and bacteria. If by chance you treat yourself to something sweet, wash out your mouth with water by swishing it around in order to get rid of any build-up.


A healthy liver translates into healthy skin. According to medical professionals, when the liver is functioning as it should, toxins that may potentially impact the skin are ejected naturally from the body. However, if toxins begin to build up in the liver, and are not being broken down effectively, the skin could develop a series of problems, such as sallowness, acne, and wrinkles. Outbreaks of rosacea can also be triggered by drinking. What is more is that alcohol is dehydrating and could be bad for sleep, which is connected with the acceleration of the aging process. Not getting enough sleep is associated with developing uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, and the reduction in the elasticity of the skin.

White Wine

This has its own category due to the dental destruction that it causes. Although a glass of red wine will result in an instant wine mouth, the acid in the white variety damages the enamel and the teeth become more susceptible to stains that last longer. Therefore, if a person is constantly ending their day with a glass of chardonnay, the teeth will pay the price and be more prone to the stains from the coffee the next day. Do not in any circumstance brush your teeth directly after having the drink, as brushing the teeth that are already acidic could result in even more damage to the enamel. The teeth will require time to be re-mineralized, so give them about one hour before brushing.

Charred Meat

Do not eat that black char that you see on your burger, this might consist of pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons, which may result in an issue since the inflammation could break down the collagen in the skin. This is not to say do not eat any type of barbeque but remove the black ends and clean the grill afterward in an effort not to contaminate the subsequent meal.

Salty Foods

Even though persons may not cook using salt, does not mean that their intake levels of salt are low. There are several canned foods that are sodium preserved, which could make the individual retain water and result in them appearing swollen. In the event that an individual needs a fast solution, they could fight the retention of water with a moisturizer that has caffeine, as it is known to be able to reduce puffiness when being topically applied.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods exacerbate rosacea vulnerable skin; however, it could also cause damage when females are experiencing menopause. According to doctors, it is said that the blood vessels within the skin become more reactive at this time. As spicy foods would cause the blood vessels to dilate, females experiencing menopause might find that their skin starts to appear less youthful and blotchy during this period. Regular flare-ups might result in puffiness, spider veins, and or permanent redness. Consider mild food whenever possible.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks might make persons feel as if they are as young as a child, however, they have a not-so-beneficial impact on your teeth. As a matter of fact, teeth exposed to energy drinks can be stripped of more enamel than if it was a sports drink. Energy drinks have been proven to be more acidic, which as stated prior makes the teeth more susceptible to stains. If an energy drink is what is desired, sip it with a straw, the more you reduce the contact with the teeth, the better.

Anything Caffeinated

Caffeine is just like any other diuretic, it could make a person excrete as a liquid form, and exhaust the moisture in the body, which includes the moisture from the skin. Anything that can result in dehydration can affect the skin, causing it to appear aged and dull. It is easy, however, to fight the penalties of just one too many cups of coffee. Moisturize the hands and make them look instantly youthful again. Use a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid, which is an ultra-moisturizing ingredient that holds in excess of 1,000 times its weight in water.


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