8 Massive Myths About Cellulite You Need To Stop Believing


In this case, you do not have to be older, female, or overweight in order to see the appearance of cellulite. What is more is that some of the treatments work, however, tanning is not one of those that are successful. Read on to dispel the myths associated with cellulite and get the facts.

Only Overweight Individuals Develop Cellulite

This point especially is what dermatologists wish persons knew about cellulite, it does not matter about how much fat is on your body; even skinny models have cellulite, as stated by Dr. Ellen Marmur, an associate professor of a dermatologist at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. The exact reason for the cause of cellulite has not been discovered as yet, however, hormones and genes most probably have a role to play. Cellulite happens when the fat cells pressing up against the skin over the fibrous connective tissue bands which join the skin to the muscle that is underneath. The fat cells press up against the skin, as the bands pull down, creating the effect of dimpling. Even though fat is involved in the process, it is not the cause. Although, when persons put on additional weight, the fat becomes swollen and the anchors do not stretch, therefore the dimpling seems worse.

Weight Loss Translates To Less Cellulite

Although a person might lose weight, the lumps never seem to smooth themselves out. However, there are several individuals that discover that weight loss and keeping the lower weight decreases the quantity of cellulite that manifest, as documented by the website on the American Academy of Dermatologist. However, there is more, if the skin becomes slacker due to the significant loss of weight, the cellulite may become more distinctive. This is the reason for working out, as it would make the skin appear firmer and smoother, therefore making the cellulite less visible.

There Is Always A Reason For Cellulite

According to David Shafer a plastic surgeon from New York City, there is not always a cause as cellulite could be a result of weight loss and gain, medical conditions, hormone use, genetics, and several individuals simply and randomly develop it without any known source. Improperly completed or really bad liposuction might be the cause of cellulite as well.

Nothing Can Remove Cellulite

This might have been true in the past; however, this is no longer the truth, according to Deanne Mraz Robinson the cofounder of Modern Dermatology of Connecticut. For several years, there has been a multitude of devices, potions, lotions, and creams that promised to vanquish cellulite and very little occurs in the condition. However, these solutions were not targeting the structural, underlying issue of the cellulite, which is the band that links the skin to the underlying muscle and results in dimpling of the overlying skin. Cellfina is a device that uses a vacuum-assisted tissue release that breaks down the bands. These are one-time and finish procedures, with results manifesting within three days and could last for up to three years.

Only The Elderly Develop Cellulite

This not a true statement as stated by Deanne Mraz Robison. Cellulite has been visible in females as early as their teenage years. As a matter of fact, the direction of the fibrous bands could be viewed in the utero in females. It is more noticeable in older individuals due to the skin becoming much laxer as people age and when the skin droops it gives the cellulite more visibility.

Cellulite Is Reduced By Tanning

Tanning is actually very bad for the health of individuals; it is also not a cure for cellulite. Tanning in no way decreases the appearance of cellulite. In some people, tanner skin might decrease the shadowing seen in the dimples and ripples of the cellulite, however, it is not a solution or fix to the issue.

Anti Cellulite Creams Work

This is not a definitive yes, according to Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson. Several creams are promoted to treat cellulite however there are unsuccessful in living up to the hype. Some creams might result in a temporary dilation of the vessels that lead to the swelling, which could mask cellulite, however again, the creams are unable to treat the underlying reason and therefore do not have a prolonged or meaningful conclusion. Creams that contain caffeine could result in the skin cells becoming dehydrated, which results in the cellulite being less visible. What is more, creams with retinol might also have some impact on cellulite. The treatment utilizing retinol could assist in the thickening of the skin and could decrease the amount of cellulite that is visible. However, this process could take as much as six months before results are visible.

There Is Only One Kind Of cellulite

Typically, there are two distinct types of cellulite, rippled and dimpled. Separate treatments will deal with the separate types of the removal of cellulite. An individual that has a localized dimple or dent could normally experience great improvement with the subcision method or even the grafting of fat in order to fill the impacted area. The cutting of the fibrous band that results in the dimpling is known as subcison, an example of this technique is Cellfina. In contrast, individuals with cellulite that resembles cottage cheese have a bigger issue as the cellulite is distributed rather than localized. For several of these individuals, surgery such as buttocks lift and thigh lift is done in order to smoothen and tighten the skin.


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