9 Exercises to Help Seniors Stay Fit

Active senior man doing exercise at home.


No matter what your age is, exercise can help you stay fit and healthy. There are multiple benefits that exercise can have on your health. It can help you stay mobile, improve balance, and build strength as well as improve your mental health. 

Here are some elderly exercises that seniors can do to stay fit. 

1. Swimming 

Senior man in an indoor swimming


Swimming puts minimal stress on the joints and bones, which can help seniors with osteoporosis or arthritis. It also keeps their minds sharp and increases cardiovascular fitness. There are plenty of water aerobics classes and other social groups that you can join to get the most out of your swimming lessons. 



2. Yoga 

Senior couple practicing yoga on exercise mat in lawn


Yoga helps build aerobic fitness, mobility, muscle strength, and stability. It is gentle and has a low impact on the joints. It helps to not only strengthen your muscles but your bones too. There are plenty of classes you can take for yoga. Along with the physical benefits of yoga, there are also many benefits that it has for your mental health. 


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