9 Fascinating Things That Occur As We Sleep


In this article, individuals will discover nine of the most interesting things which occur in and to the body when individuals fall asleep. This is what takes place when the individual allows their conscious mind to shut off for a couple of hours.

The Muscles Become Paralyzed

When individuals fall into Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep, known as the deepest stage of sleep this happens to the muscles. The limbs’ muscles become completely paralyzed and individuals are temporarily unable to move. There is a sleeping condition in which this paralysis is sustained for a couple of seconds to minutes subsequent to being awake. This scary feeling of being paralyzed is suffered by individuals with narcolepsy as they wake and open their eyes.

Eyes Move At Top Speed

All stages of sleep are for a unique purpose in maintaining the healthiness of the brain and body. The stages also play a significant role in keeping them relaxed. There are five phases of sleep; each stage is deeper than the preceding one. Once all five stages have been completed, the cycle restarts. The final stage which is the Rapid Eye Movement phase is considered the most active of the five. It begins roughly sixty to ninety minutes subsequent to falling asleep. During this phase, the eyes move at top speed backward and forward. This occurs without individuals being conscious of it, due to the mind concentrating on whatever is being dreamt about.

Growth Hormones Are Released

The human growth hormone also known as the HGH hormone has the responsibility for regenerating the tissues, muscles, and bones. As individuals sleep, the creation of this compound is stimulated all across the body. It contributes to the wounds healing and renewal of cells. During our younger years, this hormone encourages growth plus several other impacts on the body. This is the reason that individuals state that they grow taller as while they sleep.

The Throat Narrows

As individuals sleep, the muscles relax which normally hold the throat open when there are awake. This results in the size of the throat being reduced. This has the tendency in leading to deep snoring. Even though there are several contributing factors, nasal obstruction, for example, the narrowing of the throat plays a significant role. It stimulates these frustrating noises which some individuals make when they fall asleep.

Grinding & Gnashing Teeth

This occurrence is referred to as bruxism. It does not occur with each person; however, a few individuals might awaken with severe jaw pain. This is after a night of grinding teeth. Bruxism could have a morphological beginning which could occur due to the jaw being misaligned. It could be psychological also, where it becomes an avenue to release stress and emotional tension amassed through the day. However, researchers have been unable to determine why some individuals would never experience this. While there are others that wind up with sore jaws and cracked teeth.

Experience Spontaneous Sexual Arousal

Both males and females experience sexual arousal as they sleep. This experience is because of the peak brain activity occurring in the rapid eye movement stage of sleep. This means that the brain requires additional oxygen, thus, a faster blood flow. The increased flow of blood impacts each individual organ of the body, including the sexual ones, leading to the stimulation of sexual hormones.

Brain Releases Accrued Information & Makes Up Stories

It is still a mystery in the scientific world as to the way dreams are created. At present, it is known that the brain creates dreamscapes. These dreamscapes are formed from memories present in the daily life of the individual and the material from their subconscious. Therefore, information that has been archived for years combined with the latest experiences merges to produce at times illogical and mysterious dreams.

This archived information is in the form of feelings, emotions, traumas, and memories. However, it is still impossible to ascertain why thoughts are transported to specific places during the night. Why particular individuals, scenes, voices, colors, or memories are pin-pointed. In spite of the great strides in science, dreams remain one of the largest puzzles that have yet to be resolved.

Sudden Explosions Could Be Heard

This is rare and is known as exploding head syndrome, however, it could happen. In the event that it experienced by an individual, they will have the sensation that a thunderous explosion awakened them. This could result in heightened levels of distress and fear, however, in actuality, nothing has occurred external from your comatose state. Those that experience this syndrome have a sensation that their heads exploded. Some believe that they heard the sound of a loud explosion, such as a gunshot. It results in no physical pain; however, it could have severe implications psychologically.

Brain Detoxifies & Restores Itself

Scientists at the University of Rochester discovered that as individuals sleep, the brain flushes the build of waste from the day. The system that is triggered when individuals sleep is known as the glymphatic system. When this mechanism is activated it permits the brain to dispose of information that is useless. In addition, it allows the brain to gather up the information that it deems to be important and restores its connections.


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