Home Fitness Equipment That May Do More Harm Than Good


Exercise equipment for home use can not only be dangerous to those individuals that use them, but they can also be hazardous to young children that treat them like large toys. As it relates to adults, the most common cause of them having accidents at home is due to the fact that they do not inspect their equipment first.

They just take it for granted that everything is good and ready for use. However, individuals should bear in mind that they are not at the gym where there are trained professionals that have assessed the equipment before anyone gets to use them. Here are five pieces of home exercise equipment that could leave an individual injured.

Foam Rolls Could Worsen Varicose Veins

The use of a foam roller on the legs could intensify the flow of blood, assist muscles in healing quicker and enhance the flexibility of the individual. However, in the event that the individuals suffer from varicose veins, the rise in the flow of blood is not necessarily good for you. The pressure that is applied on the varicose veins could result in discomfort and pain that is worse rather than relieving any.

The varicose veins will become more inflated. Using the foam roller does not resolve the issue at its source, but it makes it a lot worse. The better alternative is to use a bicycle as frequently as possible, thereby, increasing the flow of blood in a very healthy way. Just like walking, it encourages circulation and simultaneously guards against joint injuries. The muscles in the calf area will become stronger, meaning that overall leg health will improve.

Broken Ribs Could Occur From Tears In Exercise Bands

For example, a very unfortunate one, an individual was using an exercise band which was attached to a door, when it unexpectedly snapped. The individual fell backward and sideways and resulted in broken ribs and a couple of bones located around the right eye. Even though the individual received two surgeries since the incident occurred, medical professionals are unable to determine whether the individual would fully regain their vision.

This is just one example of how severely dangerous exercise bands could be if they are not inspected properly prior to use and are securely attached. Rather than exercise bands, try investing in gliders and sliders which force all the muscles in the body to participate. They operate by offering too much instability, therefore, causing all the muscles to be a part of the exercise. There is no worry about them snapping or becoming undone during a workout.

Ankles Injuries Could Result From Balance Boards

This apparatus is designed to enhance the balance of individuals, and also for the rehabilitation and prevention of injury. However, depending on the level of the strength of the ankles, this simple equipment can result in injuries. If, for example, the individual’s ankles have been injured previously, the risk of falling from the balance board is greatly increased.

Therefore, individuals should request that a trained professional or physical therapist assist prior to leaping onto the balance board. A fitness ball is similar and also a lot safer to use. There is an exercise known as the bird dog which targets the waist, lower back, legs, and hips in the same way the balance board does.

Pull Up Bars Can Result In A Bad Landing

Several houses, either due to the fact that they have not been constructed properly or old, will not be able to hold up a pull-up bar. Numerous individuals have had bars fall, causing minor to very severe injuries. For example, a lady became paralyzed after she was performing a difficult exercise, and the pull-up bars she was using collapsed.

Another example, a gentleman was using the pull-up bar and the screws of the bars bent, resulting in the man falling to the ground injuring his face. A safer and yet still good piece of equipment would be a towel wrapped around the handles of a door. A mat should be placed under the door in order to keep you from moving, ensure that the hinges of the door are sturdy and strong.

Bent Over Rows Could Displace Your Spinal Discs

This is a very popular form of exercising, however, when it is completed on a bench or any surface that is similar to a bench, could result in serious injuries. In particular, a spinal disc could be displaced in the event that during the workout, a nerve is struck. One other disadvantage is that the posture of the individual could become worse as the shoulders roll forward as the person is completing the rows.

Therefore, instead of using the bench, the individual could remain standing as they lean forward and place one hand on the bench. While the other hand could hold the weight they have and start pulling with their elbow, going towards the back. Gradually allow the arm to return back down thereby avoiding getting injured from all the pressure.


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