How To Prevent Thoughts That Keep You Up All Night


Well here it is again, you are lying in your bed getting ready to fall asleep, however, your eyes are staring open and the thoughts are racing through your mind at the speed of light. Counting sheep, warm milk in a glass, a relaxing bath, did nothing to assist you in getting off this weird merry-go-round of thoughts.

Even individuals that do not have sleeping issues could at times have a sense of being stressed out or anxious, and this is the time that our minds begin to race. However, there is no need to concern yourself or worry, there are options to select from that can allow you to defeat this lack of sleep. Following are a few tips that could aid in taming the thoughts and allow you to fall asleep faster.

Concentrate On The Here & Now

Those thoughts that do not allow us to fall asleep are quite often associated with the future or with the past. People worry about what could possibly occur, or feel guilty for doing something or not doing something in the past. In the event that this is what occurs with you, attempt focusing on what is happening right now, right here.

Even though changing the past is not possible, nor predicting the future, the current moment is the only thing that could be controlled, so this change in the focus of what we concentrate on could provide individuals the relaxation their brains require.

Leave Out The Electronic Devices

Using your tablets, laptops, and mobile phones prior to falling asleep could increase the level of stress and anxiety, particularly if the individual watches or reads the news or various things which make people’s brain continue to be active by being busy or causes them to worry. Moreover, the blue light being emitted from these electronic devices badly impacts the production of melatonin in the body, leading to a more difficult process of falling asleep.

Distract Yourself

Think about healthier substitutes now that the devices have been shelved. Individuals could try an activity that is relaxing to them, or a hobby that is calming which suits the individual best, such as cooking, taking a stroll, listening to music, using a coloring book, or reading, are just some of the examples.

When individuals fall asleep due to the fact that their thoughts are racing, performing a relaxing activity would assist the individual in shifting the focus from these thoughts and the issue of not being able to fall asleep to something a bit more unpleasant.

Schedule A Specific Time To Focus On Worrying

Similar to scheduling a time to complete household chores, meet up with your friends, or do the shopping, individuals could try scheduling roughly fifteen to thirty minutes each day for their worrying thoughts. Dedicate this time to the thoughts which are concerning you and the probability is that these thoughts would not come back later on at night.

For the duration of the scheduled worry time, jot down the stressful images on paper and concentrate on a few real-world steps that you could take in order to combat the problems which cause worry. Be determined in attempting to make this method a part of the daily routine in order to achieve successful results.

Inhale The Aroma Of Lavender Essential Oil

The scent of lavender essential oil is quite often applied in aromatherapy for the purpose of better sleep, relaxation, and stress relief. Individuals could dash a few drops onto a cloth or towel, or possibly add some of the oil to your bathwater. Essential oils could result in allergic responses; therefore, individuals should be careful when attempting to utilize them.

Use A Muscle Relaxation Technique

Individuals could utilize a relaxation technique right on their bed, such as, tensing and relaxing the muscles one by one, moving from the head, and going straight through to the toes. Such an exercise will aid the individual in relaxing strained muscles and cause the individual to concentrate on the body parts which are being tensed and relaxed, resulting in a distraction from any thoughts that might be racing.

Try Not Forcing Yourself To Sleep

Rather than attempting and failing to force yourself to sleep, rise out of bed and do something. Write in a journal, read a book or drink some tea, and go return to bed when you begin to feel that sleepy sensation. Remaining in bed and forcing sleep on yourself could make the brain link worries and insomnia to the bed, resulting in the bedroom being a space where it is difficult to fall and remain asleep.

Try Breathing Exercises

Thought racing through your mind is often associated with stress, and stress leads to the heart beating faster and results in the breathing rate being increased. Deep, slow breathing could assist in the individual becoming calm and allowing the thoughts to become quiet. Individuals could also attempt other techniques and exercises of breathing which the individual could rehearse anytime in order to stop anxiety and stress.


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