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Indoor Activities for the Elderly to Enjoy


Seniors with limited mobility or illness may not be able to go outdoors, which means spending more time indoors. This may sound sad and boring for the elderly, but it shouldn’t be so!

Here we have listed some of the best games and activities that older people can enjoy when cooped up inside the house.

1. Solve Puzzle

Completing puzzles is an activity that can be enjoyed at any age. It keeps your mind busy and occupied, and the joy of connecting the right jigsaw pieces is priceless! The best type of puzzles for seniors is the one that comes with large pieces so it is easier for them to pick up and place where they want. Make sure the puzzle you choose maintains the correct adult-level challenge, or else it won’t be any fun.

2. Watch Good Old Home Movies

Nostalgia can make you feel less lonely, bored, and ease your anxiety. And watching old home movies is a wonderful way to take a stroll down memory lane and recall good old days!

While watching home movies at any time is a great idea, it is best to watch them when seniors feel low and gloomy. Old home movies work like magic as they uplift spirits and souls instantly!

3. Play Board Games

Older adults can also play card games if they want. Both board and card games help improve cognitive ability, which is why the elderly should try playing these games every day. Some board games for seniors are chess, scattergories, monopoly, and the ticket to ride while some interesting card games for seniors include bridge, rummy, pinochle, and canasta.

4. Try a New Skill

There are so many skills that older adults can develop and pass their time more productively.
Seniors can learn new skills such as writing, photography, quilting, knitting, painting, poetry, acting, and playing a musical instrument. Trying out something new and interesting will also ensure an active and healthy mind of seniors.

5. Cook New Dishes

As you get older, you have to take care of your diet and nutrition. Seniors can try cooking in their free time.
They can make healthy recipes and try them to replenish their taste buds. This will also be a great way to discover new cuisines and new favorites!

6. Exercise Regularly

Older adults can perform easy and simple exercises that will help them stay fit and strong. These exercises can include chair exercises, yoga strength, and aerobic exercises.

These are some of the best activities that the elderly can try and make the most of their time at home!


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