Tests Revealing The Uniqueness Of Your Body


The human body is packed with phenomena just waiting to be uncovered. Individuals have possibly recognized a few of these abilities of their body that many others around them simply do not have. In this article are some interesting facts that individuals may be able to relate to which would inform them about the powers that they have.

Each individual wants to think that they are unique and special, however, not everyone is able to realize what makes them different from another. As a matter of fact, there are countless things that are evidence to prove that each individual is not like the other. Everyone is one of a kind. Simply take a look into the mirror and uncover your uniqueness. Here are ways in which you can test the parts of your body in order to determine how different it is.

Heterochromia Iridis

Individuals with different colors in the same eye are considered to have central heterochromia, while individuals that have two completely different colored eyes are considered to have complete heterochromia. When an individual has sectoral heterochromia, there are one or more sections of the iris that have a different color.

Genetic inheritance is one of the reasons for heterochromia. Another reason for this condition is that it could be contracted as a result of an injury or a disease. A few statistics revealed that roughly one percent of the population in the world may have such a trait.

Touch Your Nose With Your Tongue

Individuals that have this ability are known to the medical fraternity as having Gorlin sign. Approximately ten percent of the population is able to accomplish this as it is a hereditary attribute. However, individuals could train their tongues to touch their noses. Gene Simmons, if you can recall from the band ‘Kiss’, discovered his uniqueness, and this condition helped him to develop into an international rock star with a tongue that was very recognizable.

Simian Line

Individuals with Simian Lines are said to typically have unique lifestyles than most other individuals that do not have these lines, however, it does not mean that their lives are worse or any better. Individuals with Simian Lines are usually believed to accomplish way more than the average person, creating inventions and techniques that outlive many generations.

There are individuals with Simian Lines that have made significant and positive historical contributions. Such a person is Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, who has the lines on both his hands, writers Tony Robbins, Henry Miller, and John Steinbeck. Simian Lines can also be found in roughly two percent of the general population on at least one of the hands.

Ear Wiggling

There are only a handful of individuals that have the ability to move their ears, however numerous animals, such as dogs and cats have the capacity to do it with ease. Individuals have this ability to move their ears via the muscles that are located above and behind the ears, known as auriculars. There was only one study that was conducted in 1949 and involved 104 males and 70 females that revealed that an individual could wiggle their ears only if one or both of their parents had the ability.

This is known as a dominant trait. In the study, it turned out that seventy-four percent of the participants were not able to wiggle their ears, even though they had at least one parent that could do so. Forty-seven percent were able to wiggle theirs and had a sibling that could also wiggle theirs. It is believed that approximately ten to twenty percent of the world’s population has this ear-wiggling ability.

Sneezing With Your Eyes Open

Shutting the eyes as you sneeze is simply a reflex reaction in order to prevent germs from getting into the eyes. The eyes and the nose are connected by facial nerves, therefore the stimulus from the sneeze transfers one nerve to the eyelids and another to the brain, which results in the majority of individuals blinking. However, it is possible for some individuals to sneeze and still have their eyes wide open.


These are considered marks of attractiveness and cuteness and could be seen in roughly twenty percent of the world’s population. As a matter of fact, dimples are a deformity on the face that is very desirable. However, it is known to be a very sweet and appealing deformity, and many individuals even consider having plastic surgery in order to get this distinguishing feature. What is more, is that individuals appear younger when they have dimples on their face. The reason for this is that dimples are associated with the cuteness of babies and children, this is why individuals with dimples often appear younger.

Tickle Yourself

Research conducted at the University College London has revealed that the cerebellum, which is the section at the back of the brain, could determine sensations when the movements are made by yourself, however, it is not able to do this when the movements are being done by someone else but is impacting your body. When individuals try to tickle themselves, the brain automatically cancels the reaction of other brain areas to the sensation of the tickle. It is noteworthy that researchers have discovered that many individuals are capable of tickling themselves. However, they state that this ability could also be a sign of a greater chance of schizophrenia as the brain cannot realize this voluntary act.


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