The Top 5 Best Emergency Alert Apps Of 2021


In the event that an individual would like to prepare for an imminent disaster or become stuck in an emergency. The applications following are what you will need on your smart device. Regardless of if it is a tornado, earthquake, fire, hurricane, or flood, individuals require the correct tools on hand to handle what is occurring. Emergencies are often completed unexpected and at times life-threatening. Download the apps listed in this article in order to be ready to weather the storm when it hits. The applications work on either iOS or Android.


The majority of disasters are associated with weather and AccuWeather is considered one of the best all-encompassing weather applications. It offers timely alerts on emergencies for all kinds of events, ensuring that it is an excellent general weather app, as it details when it would flood, rain, or snow and hurricane tracker app.

Individuals could monitor multiple geographical locations simultaneously and view the weather as it currently stands. Plus, see the hourly forecast or extended forecast for up to a month. The radar map is astonishingly thorough and supports numerous overlays, such as snowfall, tropical storms, dangerous thunderstorms, and temperature. The ability to remain up to date on the most current weather news is also accessible using AccuWeather.


During an emergency, location tracking is essential, and Life360 is one of the best options to do this. Individuals could use the app to monitor the locations of family and friends and even receive alerts when the individuals arrive and leave specific locations that are set up.

Location monitoring that is constant might for some individuals seem too excessive; however, they would be elated it was installed during an emergency. For instance, if an individual hears about an emergency at a school or that a storm is approaching where a family member resides. Any individual in the group is able to open the app in order to see where everyone is located. If there is a storm on the horizon for a location that a loved one will be visiting or lives in, a new place alert could be created for that location.

Life360 also has a messaging platform built in so that everyone in the private circle is able to text each other. There is also a Help Alert feature that would instantly email, text, or call the members in the group when enabled.

Red Cross First Aid

The First Aid app from Red Cross is one of the best apps for emergencies simply for clear health-related instructions. It is critical for situations where individuals are unable to get to a hospital right away. Individuals are able to use the app in order to learn how to manage bleeds, perform CPR, and treat a broken bone. One section of the application is devoted to learning about such things. It also teaches about others things such as bites and stings, heatstroke, distress, choking, and burns. Asthma attacks and allergies are also included just to name a few. Another part of the app is devoted to preparing for emergencies such as volcanoes, tsunamis, landslides, flooding, drought, and earthquakes.

The emergency part of the application provides detailed information along with checklists. This covers what to do prior, during, and subsequent to anything from hypothermia, diabetic emergency, and heart attacks. To head injuries and allergy issues.

The app offers quizzes to test the knowledge of these things. It also provides a list of hospitals in close proximity and easy-to-follow directions. The app also supplies the website and contact numbers for these hospitals.


This application is a walkie-talkie which makes keeping in contact with individuals and groups really easy. It is useful for aiding in communication between the elderly and children. Individuals are able to create private channels in order that only specific individuals could access the message. However, there are also public channels that anyone could join. Simply search for something general such as weather, or something specific such as the name of a city. Any channels relating to these searches will be accessible.

When an individual is actively connected to a channel on Zello, they are able to lock their phone and still listen for when someone speaks. This is especially useful in times of emergencies.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency is an agency in the United States that is a section of the Department of Homeland Security. This mobile app provides real-time alerts on all different sorts of disasters.

When a new location is added to receive alerts, individuals have full management over which type of alerts they want to receive. Avalanches, flooding, severe weather such as tornadoes, marine weather, public hazard alerts are some of the alerts that could be monitored. Unlike the majority of similar applications, FEMA also provides emergency alerts regarding riots, 911 phone outages, and nuclear power plants. Child abductions, civil danger, explosions, and evacuations are also alerts that could be received.

The app is also a disaster-ready application. In that, it includes disaster safety tips and reminders for updating emergency kits and testing smoke alarms, and more.


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