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Top Senior Gifts


It’s often stressful to select gifts for your friends and family and especially when it is for an elderly loved one.  If you ask the seniors, you will hear nothing more than “ Oh! Darling, there’s nothing I really need now.” Valid to some extent, what to give someone who already has everything they need. The secret to a perfect gift is to find something that will ease their life and will add more colors to it. Then you’re all set to bring a big smile on their face. Here’s the gift guide, which includes gift ideas for both older men and women, elder parents, or your grandparents.

15 Perfect Gift Ideas

  1.     Brain Games

Puzzles and brain games prove to be the most efficient way to engage one’s mind. They give the mind the necessary workout, along with stimulating all the senses altogether. You can keep their brains buzzing with word puzzles like scrabble, or numerous puzzle books available online.

  •       Bingo – Bingo is a fun activity that can be played in a group. It is more prevalent among older adults who live in care centers. Playing bingo is not only fun but also it has numerous health benefits.  It keeps hands, ears, and eyes active at the same time. Bingo is a social activity to eradicate loneliness.
  •       Jigsaw Puzzles – For buzzing up the mind, gift a set of jigsaw puzzle to your elderly loved ones. It is proven that these puzzles help to lower down the blood pressure and breathing rate. It often shows to be meditating to calm busy minds.
  •       Sudoku – Your Grandpa, has always been a math wizard? Sudoku is a perfect choice to give him. It is a logical game which helps in decision making. Also, it provides a great sense of accomplishment, which is hard to achieve in later life. Not to mention, what would be more exciting than Sudoku for a person who is just brilliant with numbers.
  •       Chess – The evergreen game chess, has proved to be favorite among all the age groups. Chess has been around for centuries. It is all about strategy, thinking ahead and out of the box, which is a brilliant brain exercise. Many people believe they have to be a genius to play chess, but this isn’t true, in fact,

  1.     Practical Gifts

  •       Pills Organizer – Keeping track of medications and when to take them gets increasingly difficult with age, but pill organizers can help.   You can sort out medications and set automatic alarms to alert your loved one when it’s time to take their pills. Be sure to look for a model that is easy to handle.
  •       Non-slip socks – How about a gift that comes with fashion and function? Socks with rubber grips on the bottom can keep a senior person’s feet warm while also preventing falls. You have your choice of a vast range of colors and styles.
  •       Massage pillow –  Nothing soothes an aching body like a warm massage. A heated massage pillow that attaches to an armchair can bring relief to an elderly person who experiences the usual aches and pains that come with age.
  •       Light therapy lamp – The dark days of winter can be enough to bring anyone down, but a lamp that impersonates natural outdoor light can help brighten your loved one’s day. Light therapy lamps can also be beneficial for the mobility-challenged elderly who find it hard to get outdoors.
  •       Weighted blankets – These blankets are ideal for conditions like autism, ADHD, and anxiety. Also, it can benefit people suffering from dementia. This blanket can help to calm a restless body, lowering anxiety. It helps those with sleeping problems and gives reassuring warmth like a friend’s hug. It provides the patient with deep pressure stimulation.

  1.     Amazon Echo

It is a Wi-Fi-connected voice-operated device that performs a variety of tasks. Amazon Echo can play music, give weather forecasts, play news, offer alarms and reminders, and even control lights in your room. These traits make it an ideal choice for those with mobility issues.

  1.     Adult coloring books

Its time to break the myth that coloring is just for kids, adult coloring books offer older adults a fun way to relax and end the boredom and stress. Also, if you want your children to have a great bond with their grandparents, you can involve them together in this activity.

  1.     Photo Calendar

This is a DIY gift for grandparents for giving a treat to their eyes every single day. A daily desk calendar made up of your personalized pictures is very easy to make and fun to give. Your grandparents can relive each moment.

  1.     Lego Kits

Why not gift your grandparents a relaxed and creative building project? Lego offers a vast range, which may be appealing to older adults. You can put them in a beautiful container and give them.

  1.     Memory Foam

Memory foam uses the heat of your body to form your exact shape. This allows you to sink in completely, and when you get up from the bed, it comes back to its original way. Many people have witnessed, their sleep problems have decreased to a great extent after using memory foam.

  1.     Digital Photo Frame

You can gift your grandparents a stylish mirror digital photo frame, which is a photo frame when you turn on the led lights inside it, and a simple mirror otherwise. You can also gift them a Wi-Fi digital photo frame where you can upload different pictures daily without doing a thing.

  1.     Gift Cards

A gift card is a prepaid money card, usually issued by a retailer or bank, to be used as an alternative to cash to purchase from a particular store. Ask your grandparents their favorite retail store and gift them with the gift card. Apart from this, cinemas, spas, and restaurants are a few other places that offer gift cards.

  1.   Grocery List Organizer

This handy device organizes the grocery list and takes out a print accordingly. This is the best gift for people suffering from Arthritis and Alzheimer’s. All they have to do is push the button and record what they want to buy, and the device spits out the print when needed.

  1.   Grandparents Talk Game

This game helps to bridge the conversational gap between younger generations and older generations. There are 100 cards asking questions like, “What was your favorite  spot to hang out?” “What was your code word among friends”? And so on. This gives curious children a sense of what life used to be back then.

  1.   Wildlife and Environmental Organisation

Does your family member has a soft spot for all wild beings? You can support organizations like World Wildlife Fund, which runs a program where you can virtually adopt a wild friend like an elephant, gorilla, tiger, or whatever endangered species your loved one has a soft spot for.

  1.   Grocery Delivering Service

Who doesn’t need groceries? You can gift your loved one with a grocery delivery service.  Let your loved one skip going to the grocery shop and sign them up with their nearest supermarket for weekly or periodically delivery of essentials. Some of the services pick your respective order and deliver fresh food and vegetables at the doorstep on demand.

  1.   Gifts for Home

  •       For Kitchen –  If your loved one loves to cook or bake, then surely, the kitchen is the “heart of the house.” Not to forget that it often proves dangerous for our aging loved ones. Kitchen mishappenings occur to every age group, but there’s higher risk as older adults can’t respond to the happening that sudden. We often see that older people leave the burners on, lose track of time while cooking, or spill the food due to arthritis or some other reason. The best solution is, gift them an induction cooktop as it reduces the risk of anything catching fire as there are no open flames. These cooktops are really easy to clean, plus food gets cooked faster than the regular cooktops.
  •       For Bathroom – We can’t ignore the fact that for seniors with bending or mobility issues, the bathroom could be the riskiest place. Gift them bathroom accessories like shower handle, bathtub grips, non-slippery mats, etc. as these provide a sense of security and prevent any kind of mishap.

  1.   Memory Journals

We know how much grandparents love to get sentimental and brag about their children. What could be better than giving them something which creates some nostalgia? If your loved one has enough of photo frames and you want to present something unique, a memory journal is your thing. It is a book containing all the mind jogging questions related to their lives. It’s a fun way to write about their lives and this way you’ll get to know them deeply. Also, it’s a keepsake and can be passed to future generations.

Surprise your loved one with these senior-friendly gifts and enjoy their precious smile.


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