6 Poses To Relieve Back Pain With No Exercise


Day after day more and more individuals are complaining about severe back pain and the causes are quite simple; bad posture and extremely long working hours. Sitting in the same position for an extended period of time is more harmful than it is helpful to the body, far beyond our imagination, and the most likely side effect of all is chronic back pain. In order to cure the pain, individuals could take over-the-counter pain relievers or exercise frequently however, it is understood that not everyone has the time to work out or wants to take medication. As a substitute, below is a list of poses that are simple that can be adopted in order to fight back pain.

Twist The Body

This is also referred to as the spinal twist; it aids in the relaxing of the muscles in the back and permits the tension in the body to fade away. Lie down on the back in a comfortable position, then fold the knees and place them both to one side as you attempt to move your body to the opposite side. Even if the individual is a beginner, they could keep their upper half still and straight.

Ensure that your hip or your back remains in line with the surface of the floor. Hold this position for approximately two to three minutes, and then turn to the other side. Repeat this process for a couple of minutes and you should start to experience the difference. Individuals could also keep a towel placed under their knees for additional comfort and support.

Lie Down & Lift The Upper Half

This is probably the easiest to complete on the list. It is normally referred to as the cobra or sphinx pose in the world of yoga. All that is required for the most part is that the individual lies down. The pose really aids in fixing the posture and strengthening the abdominals. In addition, the pose also gives support to the back, leading to reduced pain. Lie down even on the floor face down with the legs together.

Then gradually place the elbows below the shoulder and process to lift the head up similar to a proud sphinx. The shoulders should remain relaxed however try lifting the spine with the lower section of the body remaining on the surface. This position should be held for about two minutes, then repeat four to five times.

Pull The Knees Toward The Chest

Back pain could be reduced using the below pose, as well as lower back pain when held for a couple of minutes at one time. Lie on the back and bend your knees. Keep the feet on the ground flat. Pull the knees up to the chest as you keep the opposite straight and steady. Hold this pose for a couple of seconds and then repeat three or four times, switching feet. The body weight will center around the back as the individual completes this pose, allowing the tensed muscles to be massaged naturally.

Make A Figure Four With Your Body

This pose is also referred to as the pigeon pose or eye of the needle; it allows the hips and thighs to be stretched, decreasing the tension that is placed on the lower back. Lie down on the floor flat facing the roof and place your knees in a folded position. Gradually cross the left leg and put it over the right knee, making a figure four (4).

Then attempt to move the right leg up towards the chest, hold this pose for a couple of minutes and then switch the legs. Repeat as many times as required. In 2017 a study was conducted and discovered that as it relates to the relieving of back pain, the figure four or pigeon pose is the most effective. It allows the individual to fix their posture and loosens the damage done as a result of hours of sitting in a single position.

Bend Forward & Touch Your Feet

This is a pose that aids in the resolution of back pain by utilizing the laws of gravity and could be also completed with the help of cushions and pillows. Sit down on the floor with the legs stretched out straight ahead of you. Spread them apart about shoulder width. Bend your head over towards the direction of your toes place it in your lap, if possible, and attempt to touch your toes with your fingers.

Hold this pose in a relaxed position and stay still all the while inhaling deeply. This will allow the back muscles to be stretched and relaxed. If this is not a comfortable position, try folding a towel and placing it below the knees, keeping another pillow or cushion in your lap which would give better support and grip. In addition to stretching the back, this will also calm your nerves as well.

Lie On All Fours

Similar to a child throwing a tantrum, lie down on all the limbs. Typically referred to as the child’s pose, this is a position that takes the pressure from the lower back and aids in the individual relaxing. Kneel down placing the knees about hip-width apart. Gradually move the upper body forward allowing the arms to land on the surface of the floor. Try stretching the body and place the head down to the floor. Keep the arms stretched out in front of you and hold this position. Repeat this as many times as needed. It is a pose starter as it is easy and strengthens the spine and allows the back muscles to be calm.


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