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What Does It Mean When Your Dog Lays Their Paw On You?

Many dog owners find themselves asking what does it mean when your dog lays their paw on you? The answer to this question is not as simple as some people might think. It can depend on the type of pawing, how often it happens, and other factors that can vary from one person to another. To better understand what your pup may be trying to say, this article will go over some things that are common with dogs who lay a paw on someone else.

Joy & Love

One of the most common reasons a dog might paw someone is out of joy and love. This can often be seen when they are reunited with their owner after being apart, or when they are playing games like fetch or Frisbee. If your pup regularly paws you for no other reason than to express their affection, then it’s likely that this is the root cause. Your dog is simply trying to show how happy they are to be around you and how much joy your connection brings them.


In some cases, a dog might paw someone as an act of submission. For example, if your pup is meeting another dog for the first time they may put their paw on the other dog’s back as a way to show dominance. Similarly, if you are trying to train your dog and they are not following commands, putting their paw on you can be seen as an act of obedience. So if your pup regularly paws you for seemingly no reason, it’s worth considering whether or not they might be trying to communicate something with that gesture.

Invitation To Play

Another possibility is that your dog is simply trying to invite you to play. This can often be seen when they paw at your feet or hand as a way to get you to throw a ball or toy for them. If this seems to be the case, then it’s likely that your pup just wants some fun and companionship. Try responding to their invitation by playing with them for a while – it will undoubtedly make both of you happy!

Insecurity & Fear

On the other hand, there are times when a dog might paw someone as a way of showing insecurity or fear. For example, if a pup is feeling uncertain around strangers they may put their paw on the person’s leg to gain reassurance. Alternatively, if your dog is fearful of loud noises they may paw at you in an attempt to get closer to you and feel safer. If your dog regularly paws you for reasons that seem unrelated to joy, love, or playfulness, it’s worth trying to determine what might be causing them anxiety or stress.


Finally, some dogs may paw people as a way of seeking attention. This can be especially common in puppies who are still learning how to get their needs met. If your pup is constantly pawing you even when you’re busy or trying to ignore them, it’s possible that they’re just looking for a little bit of extra love and care. In this case, the best thing you can do is try and give them what they’re looking for, whether that means petting them, playing with them, or simply talking to them.


It’s also worth considering whether hunger might be the source of your dog’s pawing. If this is the case, they will likely follow up their efforts by licking you or looking at any food that they can smell nearby. While it may seem odd for a pup to start begging for treats in front of someone else when there are no snacks around, it makes sense when you consider that dogs have evolved from wild ancestors who had to hunt prey themselves! So if your pup keeps putting their paws on you after being fed regularly with no other apparent reasons behind their actions, then maybe they’re just trying to tell you something about how hungry they are.


If none of these options seems right based on what kind of behavior your dog typically exhibits, try to pay attention to any other clues you might be able to notice. For example, if your dog seems truly frightened by loud noises or is suddenly very clingy around strangers or children, it could mean that they’re suffering from some kind of pain, illness, or injury. If this turns out to be the case then you should take them to a vet as soon as possible – their health and well-being are far more important than anything else!

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