9 Things You’re Never Too Old For


Not so many years ago, as a young adult, many older individuals used to really enjoy some of these childhood staples. However, somewhere along the line these were left out, but here is the good news, not only do you not have to give them up, but they are much better as you continue to age.

Enjoying An Ice Cream Cone

It would not be summer if you did not enjoy part of it with an ice cream cone, licking it as it melts all the way down your chin, onto your hands, and maybe even your clothes. For optimum fun, do not try eating it the grown-up, sophisticated way, upside down in a cup or bowl, with a spoon, but try to overdo it with sprinkles and a sugar cone, with a cherry on top. If you really want to reminisce bite the bottom of the ice cream first.

Coloring In A Coloring Book

There are coloring books manufactured just for adults and these have quickly become the trending thing for adults, however, there is nothing intensely fashionable about breaking out the coloring markers or pencils, chalks, or crayons and doing your best at creating a gorgeous masterpiece. There is actually something that just puts you in a world of your own when coloring in all those blank spaces and watching that book change into such a wonderful, colorful work of art. Do not be concerned if you color outside the lines, there is no one marking you, and there should be space on the fridge for the coloring project.

Jumping On A Trampoline

There actually comes a point in time, when the majority of individuals decide on quitting on trampolines, due to aging bladders and bones, however, there is a reason that children of all ages simply love a trampoline, and this is not altered as individuals continue to age. The reason being is that everyone loves to feel like they are flying. In addition, this is a very low-impact workout, that assists adults that are overweight to burn off some calories and enhance their cardiovascular fitness level.

Trying On Skinning Jeans

You do not have to worry about strutting your stuff while in your skinny jeans, or even in that mini-skirt, or crop top, Hawaiian shirt, white jeans, or that one t-shirt that has a wolf howling at the moon, once you feel good doing it, then do it. One of the really ironic things about individuals getting older is that by the time they finally develop the confidence and worked for the money to be able to wear the fashion that they love, other people begin advising that they are way too old to try and wear these things. At this age, you can wear whatever your heart desires and ignore the naysayers.

Making Mud Pies

Do you recall that awesome sensation of satisfaction when you squished the mud through your fingers or sculpted a castle using wet sand? There is just a primitive feeling of enjoyment when we play in the dirt. However, if for some reason individuals do not feel like allowing that mud to pour into pie tins or getting you new colander at the beach to build that colossal sandcastle, then try some gardening, plant a vegetable garden or flowers. Gardening is just playing in the dirt for grownups. What is more is that this activity could assist in amplifying the immune system, decreasing the chances of allergies, and fighting against the cold.

Dyeing Your Hair Turquoise

Freaky hair colors are not simply for animated trolls or insecure teenagers. Placing a little bit of cotton candy color in your hair is an excellent method of lifting the mood and break the ice for beginning a conversation. If you do not have a family or workplace that would support this, then try a bit of temporary hair dye colors over the weekend.


Children shed tears practically every day and that does not really change until they hit puberty, when for some reason it is taught, especially to males that this action is not acceptable. Then by the time we become adults, it has been documented that females cry approximately once a month, whereby males crying on average five times a year, and even at this point, about sixty percent of individuals believe that men should only shed tears for what is considered legitimate reasons, such as a tragedy in the family. However, both physically and psychologically crying is very beneficial as it allows the toxins to be released, reduces stress, boosts the immune system, and enhances the mood of the person.

Attending School

Trying to learn something new and different is not just for the younger individuals that are attempting to choose a career or figure out their direction in the world. Regardless of if it is trying a second or third language, indulging the love for watercolors, or attempting to learn a musical instrument, everyone could benefit from any sort of new knowledge or novel skill. In addition, continual learning assists in maintaining the sharpness and youth of the brain.

Starting A Business

Have you always wanted to own a restaurant, get in on a tech start-up, run kayak tours, or open your own art gallery? There is that stereotype of a new business owner being a young, fresh out of college person, that has no fears or obligations is a very inaccurate portrayal. Scientists studied the most successful new businesses and discovered that individuals forty years and older were exceptionally suited to be entrepreneurs, due to their life experiences and huge circle of connections.


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