Improve Your Mobility With These Exercises


Having good mobility can be very useful because you can run, jump and do any exercise, and you will not face any pain while you perform these exercises. If you feel like you cannot reach your fitness and strength goals, then a lack of mobility might be why, so it is a good idea to do exercises for mobility. If you can move in a full range of motion with no stiffness or pain, then that is assigned that you’re quite flexible, but if you cannot, then these exercises can help you.

Ankle Mobility

If you have good ankle mobility, you will be able to balance yourself better. You will not fall as easily. You will not need any other equipment to do these exercises. 

To do this exercise, stand near a wall, put your hand on the wall for support, rock forward on your toes, and then rock back onto your heels. Do this ten times, and over time you will notice much better ankle mobility.

Walking Hip Openers

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint, and you must warm up the hip well before you start to work out. The hips are crucial in the balance and stability of your body. To stretch the hips, you will not need any equipment. Just stand with your feet wide, and once your feet are firmly on the ground, lift your knee and touch it to your chest. Next, make a circle with your knee, bring it across your body, put it out to the side, and bring it down. Repeat this ten times. 

Thoracic Spine Windmills

The middle portion of your back is called the thoracic spine. It starts from the base of the neck and goes to the end of the ribcage. If your thoracic spine has good mobility, you will be able to move your shoulder more freely, and your back pains will also stop. You will also have better posture if you do the exercise. You are going to need a towel or foam roller. 

Lie down on your side, rest your knees and hips near you and bend them a little more than 90 degrees. Straighten your bottom leg and let your top leg rest on it. First, straighten your arms, then take your top arm away from you and open up your chest towards the ceiling. Next, rotate your trunk and your head until your hand reaches the other side of your body. If you cannot reach there, then move as much as possible. Hold this stretch for three seconds, and then bring your arm back. Repeat this about five times on either side. 

Shoulder Pass-Through 

Many people have tightness on the front of the shoulder and the chest. This exercise will stretch your front deltoid, upper back, and chest. You will need a rod that is a few feet long.

Stand with both your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart and keep the rod parallel to the floor by using an overhand grip as wide as you can. Next, keep your arms straight and take the bar as far behind your head as you can. All through the movement, make sure that you maintain a good posture and balance. Then, return the rod to the front. You can repeat this movement about five times. 


All these exercises are great for building mobility and also warming up before an intense workout. We must stretch well so that we can prevent any injuries and also be able to perform the exercises that we do better. If you have stiffness in one of these areas, you can focus on that particular stretch more often, and you will start to see improvement and flexibility in that area very soon. Start doing these exercises slowly and do not rush into it or push yourself too much because that can cause damage, so start slow and keep building as you get more flexible.


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