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Top 5 Foods To Increase Testosterone


Testosterone is a key hormone in the male body responsible for bone health, sexual health, general health, muscle health and affects the proper functioning of fertility. These hormones are essential in the body, but according to studies, testosterone falls by 1-2% every year in males with age. So there’s a need to pay attention to it. Adding foods to the diet increase the level of testosterone in the male body. Testosterone is also present in the body of females, but it is less than in males.

Low testosterone not only affects sexual life but also plays an important role in maintaining bone density, production of red blood cells, etc. The requirement of testosterone levels for a healthy body is 300ng/dl to 800ng/dl. But low levels of testosterone may cause harmful problems in your body. Testosterone replacement therapy is the option for males to increase their testosterone level, but they may have side effects like enlarged prostate, decreased sperm count, etc. 

This article will discuss low testosterone symptoms and which natural foods will overcome low testosterone levels in your body. 

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Symptoms Of Low Level Of Testosterone

(1) Lower Sex Drive

(2) Cardiovascular Diseases

(3) Reduce in Muscle Mass

(4) Depression

(5) Obesity

(6) Increased Hair fall

(7) Low Energy Levels

(8) Difficulty Getting Erections 

Top Five Foods To Increase Testosterone:

(1) Tuna

 Tuna is a rich and excellent source of Vitamin D and protein, which can help increase the level of testosterone up to 90% and help stay healthy. Vitamin D helps maintain sperm count, so tuna is a good way to take this particular vitamin. Tuna is beneficial for males who suffer from infertility issues and low T-levels. And also give health benefits like a rich source of Omega-3 and protecting eyesight. In addition, tuna provides rich protein, promotes metabolism, and helps to lose extra two pounds. If you don’t like tuna and are looking for another option, you can take salmon or sardines. 

(2) Pomegranate

Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants and nutrients like potassium, folate, fiber, and various vitamins. And it is a traditional herb that helps overcome problems of high blood pressure, sexual dysfunction, and infertility problems. Antioxidants present in this help stress reduction, reduce the risk of prostate cancer, and proper heart functioning. Rich nutrients of pomegranate help to prevent arthritis and joint pain. Pomegranate can help to increase the level of testosterone up to 24% in males. It reduces the stress hormones like cortisol which help to raise sex hormones, including testosterone. There are many dietary nitrates in pomegranate, which help stay active, improve exercising performance, and be less prone to fatigue. Consumption of pomegranate juice regularly helps slow down metastasis by destroying cancerous cells in the body and increasing testosterone. 

(3) Garlic

 Allicin is a compound in garlic that reduces cortisol in the body. Cortisol is present with testosterone in the adrenal gland or muscle cells. Cortisol is produced because of stress, and cortisol increment affects the other functioning, affecting testosterone in the body. So by decreasing the amount of cortisol in the system, the adrenal gland will produce testosterone more effectively. Consumption of uncooked garlic daily helps reduce the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, boosts brain health, and reduces the risk of a heart attack. 

(4) Eggs

 Eggs are a rich and fantastic source of proteins, vitamins (B5, B12, B2, B6, K, E, and D), cholesterol, omega-3, and promote muscle building. Eggs are an excellent ingredient to increase the level of testosterone in the male’s body naturally. Eggs also contain healthy fats and zinc in good quantities. Eggs also have vitamin A and plant compounds like zeaxanthin and lutein, which are good for eyesight and helps to reduce the chances of eye disorders or blindness. Proteins present in eggs help to fry up metabolism and promote weight loss. So eggs are the ones that are beneficial for increasing testosterone in the body along with other body benefits. 

(5) Milk

 It is a rich source of calcium, protein, and vitamin D. Milk is one of the good foods that help to increase testosterone in the male’s body. It also helps males to build strong bones and achieve a lean physique. In addition, milk has amino acids that help produce anabolic hormones, help build muscle, and burn fat. Milk is a complete package of food because it contains the blend of perfect essentials like minerals, nutrients, fats, vitamins, proteins, etc. 


As we know, testosterone hormones play an important role in sex drive, so less testosterone affects your sexual life. Adding all five foods mentioned above to your diet will help you increase the testosterone level naturally in your body and keep you away from erectile dysfunctions. So add these foods to your diet as early as you see symptoms in your body of low testosterone to live a happy life. 


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