Top Workouts To Prevent The Risk Of Falling


Falls and slips are standard irrespective of your age. However, older individuals are more prone to experience a fall due to the weakened bones or misbalance that usually occurs due to lowered movements. The CDC warns that falls are significant reasons for intense injury in adults over 65 years of age, leading to severe damage and even death.

The bone and muscle density are lacking as we age. This is usually more prominent in individuals with back problems, arthritis, tendon damages, and cramps. In addition, certain neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease also affect motility in older individuals leading to frequent falls.

While medications and supplements will help you cope with the pathogenesis of diseases leading to your weaker posture and movements, a rich protein and calcium diet should be compulsorily incorporated to give the extra boost. Apart from nutritious consumption, it is very critical to focus on physical exercise.

Look at these eight essential easy exercises that are super easy and can be executed at home without the need for an expert. Then, practice these exercises and stay strong for the years to come.

Exercise 1: Stand On One Foot

Place your feet hip-width apart and raise the other foot five inches high, and remain in this position for 30 seconds. Then, slowly return to the floor and repeat the exercise with the other leg. You may take the support of the fall initially but as you practice, make sure to do this exercise on your own. This exercise is excellent for maintaining a balance. It keeps your torso intact, pushing more energy towards the limb that you’re standing on.

Exercise 2: Chair Sit-Ups

Most adults find it difficult to stand after being seated for a long time or vice versa. To execute this simple exercise:

  1. Mount a chair against a wall.
  2. Give support to the chair to avoid falling.
  3. Sit on the chair and extend your right and left leg high.
  4. Bend your knee and stand.

While you sit, keep a straight back posture and avoid bending. Repeat these steps at least ten times. Always start with a few exercises and then proceed to longer durations because your body is ready for it.

Exercise 3: Slow Jogs

In this technique, you have a standstill and alternating raise your legs in motion, as if you are jogging. If raising your leg is an issue, then you can even walk in your place. The best method to keep your jogs or walks in sync is playing a beat in the background and jogging along with the beat. This exercise makes your core and posture strong. Practice it daily and to increase your stamina and boost your muscles.

Exercise 4: Touch Your Toe

Sometimes a big belling can make you less active and increase your chances of fall due to increased weight and pressure. Touch your toe is a simple exercise wherein you have to stand straight and touch your toes without bending your knees. It’s an excellent exercise to tuck in the belly fa and make you more flexible. Initially, you will experience pressure in your knees, but you reach your toes effortlessly with constant practice.

Exercise 5: A Simple Plank

Plank is an effective exercise to maintain a crisp core and increase your strength. To execute a plank, lie on the floor mat with your stomach facing downward. Then, try to your body up with your elbows and toes. The dorsal side of your body, that is, the back and legs should form a straight line. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and increase the duration as you keep practicing every day.

Exercise 6: Strong Kickbacks

We always have front movements and very few back movements. Most often, we ask seniors to kick front and never back. This is because these back thigh muscles tend to rust with very few movements. To practice this exercise, stand straight, bend your knees, and kickback. Try to hit your butt as high as you can.

Exercise 7: Climb The Stairs

While some seniors may experience joint pains and avoid climbing, climbing the stairs is a great exercise to increase your movements. Try and take the stairs at least once a day to keep your lower body flexible. Climbing also improves your stamina, making you sweat and lose unwanted fat.

The Bottom Line!

These were exercise you could familiarize with to make a great start to your movements. Being accessible and straightforward to execute, you can perform them from anywhere without a professional expert. So do pin this page and get started to make your core strong. In the end, give yourself a fall assessment and make a note of your improvements.


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