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Ways To Make Your Home More Senior-Friendly

Do you have an older relative who needs extra help around the house? Or maybe you’re getting up there in years, and getting things done isn’t quite as easy as it used to be. Making your home more senior-friendly is a great way to ensure that you or a loved one can age in place comfortably. 

You can make many small changes to make your home more accommodating for those who may have trouble with mobility or dexterity. Keep reading for helpful tips! This blog post will look at some of the best ways to make your home more senior-friendly.

Add Grip To The Shower Floor

If you are looking to improve your home’s safety and make it more senior-friendly, one of the easiest ways to do so is by adding some grip to your shower floor. By increasing the anti-slip properties of your shower, you can help prevent falls and other accidents that might otherwise occur in a slick, wet environment. There are several options for adding grip to your shower floor, including non-slip tiles and adhesive strips.

These materials can be easily installed in any shower or bathtub, making them an effective and affordable way to optimize your home for seniors. So if you want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the bathroom, consider adding some grip to your shower floor today!

Install An Electric Stair Lift

Making your home senior-friendly doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Many small changes can make a big difference in the safety and comfort of your home. One such change is installing an electric stairlift. Stairlifts can be a great asset for seniors who have difficulty navigating stairs. They provide a safe and easy way to get up and down stairs without assistance.

Electric stairlifts are also relatively affordable, and you can install them with minimal disruption to your home. If you’re interested in making your home more senior-friendly, an electric stair lift is worth considering. And if you are having problems installing it yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a professional.

Replace Doorknobs With Lever Handles

Many older adults struggle with doorknobs, as they can be difficult to twist and turn. While door handles are not necessarily easy to operate either, the lever design of these handles makes them significantly more accessible for seniors. Lever handles require minimal strength and skill to maneuver, making them a better option for elders with stiff joints or reduced gripping strength.

Additionally, the ergonomic design of lever door handles means that they can provide more targeted traction, helping seniors maintain a firm grip on the handle. Overall, replacing doorknobs with lever handles is an excellent way to make your home more senior-friendly and ensure that your loved ones are safe and comfortable.

Utilize Rugs Throughout The House

When it comes to making your home more senior-friendly, one of the easiest ways to start is utilizing rugs. Rugs provide a great way to delineate different areas without making significant changes to the layout of your rooms. For example, if you have a senior family member who struggles with maintaining balance, placing a rug in front of chairs and couches can help them get around more efficiently and safely while they are inside.

Furthermore, incorporating rugs into entryways and high-traffic areas can help reduce slipping and tripping hazards, which frequently occur as you age. Whether you choose an opulent shag rug or a simple cotton mat, adding rugs to your home has several benefits for seniors and caregivers alike!

Increase The Lighting In Your Home

If you or a loved one is getting up there in years, the best thing you can do is increase the lighting in critical areas of your home. By doing so, you can help improve visibility and reduce the risk of falls and other accidents. For example, adding additional lights to stairways and walkways can help prevent missteps and make navigation easier. In addition, installing brighter lights in spots like bathrooms and kitchens will allow you to see more clearly when cooking or cleaning up.

Other options include upgrading light bulbs to LED or fluorescent bulbs, which typically provide brighter and whiter light than traditional incandescent bulbs. With these simple steps, you can turn your home into a safer place for older adults and anyone who might struggle with poor lighting conditions.

Build A Ramp

Sometimes, small changes can make a big difference. For example, if you or a loved one has difficulty getting in and out of your home, you may want to consider building a ramp. A ramp can be a relatively inexpensive and straightforward project, and it can make a massive difference in terms of accessibility. A ramp can also be helpful if you have difficulty carrying groceries or other heavy items into your home.

In addition to being more senior-friendly, a ramp can also make your home more accessible for people with disabilities. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your home more comfortable and inviting for all, consider building a ramp.

Make Your Kitchen More Accessible

Cooking is a delicious way to show your loved ones how much you care. But as you age, maintaining a safe and functioning kitchen can become more challenging. Here are a few tips on making your kitchen more accessible for seniors. First, consider the layout of your kitchen. Create a clear pathway from the entryway to the fridge, stove, and sink. This will help reduce trips and falls.

Second, invest in some simple but effective kitchen gadgets. For example, an electric can opener can be a godsend for those with arthritis. Finally, take some time to declutter your cabinets and pantry. Organizing everything into clear plastic bins can make it easier for seniors to reach items and avoid potential accidents. By following these tips, you can help make your kitchen a safe and welcoming space.

A Senior-Friendly Home Is A Few Steps Away!

Making your home more senior-friendly doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a few simple changes, you can create a safe and comfortable space for your loved ones. While some of these tips may be easier than others, all of them can make a big difference in the lives of seniors. So, don’t wait – start making your home more senior-friendly today! And as with any changes you make to your home, consult with a professional before getting started.

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