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6 Benefits Retirees Have That Are Not Often Talked About

Aside from the obvious benefits of having more free time and getting discounts there are 6 other benefits retirees have that are not often talked about:

#1 No More Rush-Hour

How many mornings and evenings did you waste stuck in rush-hour traffic? And to complicate the situation by adding all the unnecessary anxiety and stress it caused. Now you can go where you want to go when you want to go often avoiding high traffic time periods.

#2 Weekends Are Just Another Day

Similar to no more rush-hour, you can visit popular attractions such as art galleries, museums, etc on ‘off days’ where the majority of the public is at work and children are in school. You no longer have to fight the crowds on the weekend.

#3 Life Is More Spontaneous

While the stereotype is that retirees are boring and predictable the opposite is actually the truth. Retirees are not confined to a traditional 9 to 5 schedule. There is no set lunch break. They are far freer to do what they want and rarely have to schedule anything.

#4 You’ll Be Able to Socialize Far More Often

If you averaged dedicating 40 or more hours a week to your job (not counting the commute) then you will be pleasantly surprised to discover how much more time you have to spend with friends and family. It is incredible!

#5 Time to Rediscover Your Creativity

Almost everybody puts off ambitious projects that never become a reality because of a lack of time. In retirement, you have the unusual opportunity to not only make home improvements that you have set aside for years but also try completely new things. The possibilities are endless.

#6 Ridiculously Affordable National Park Access

Did you know that if you are a U.S. resident over the age of 62 you are eligible for a lifetime pass to all national parks for only $10? Perhaps you knew that retirement is great for travel but did you know this even existed?