6 Surprising Habits That Lead To Prostate Cancer


Becoming older increases a person’s chance of developing prostate cancer, so too is being tall. However, these are risk factors that individuals do not have any control over. Read on to find out the factors that you do have some say over.

Living For Cheeseburgers

Scientists believe that consuming loads of calcium and dairy foods such as cheese might result in a slight increase in the chances of developing cancer. This is also true for red meat, and if well done is your preferred serving, you should think about this. When burgers are cooked at high temperatures that they reach char level, it activates chemicals that have been discovered to result in changes in DNA and might amplify the risk of cancer. Exposure to either one of these chemicals HCAs or heterocyclic amines that are produced in the meats that are prepared at temperatures 300 degrees Fahrenheit and over might result in the development of tumors in the prostate, also the colon, breasts, and other vital organs. Even though the actual function that diet plays in the development of prostate cancer is not totally defined, studies in epidemiology have disclosed that consuming barbecued, fried, or well-done meats often are connected to enhanced risks.

Unaware Of Family History Of Prostate Cancer

You should consider this a sneak peek into the future. When it comes to specific cancers such as prostate cancer, understanding the history of your family and the members that had what when could provide a hint into if you might have a higher than normal chance of developing cancer. Although the majority of cases of prostate cancer happen in males that do not have a family history of the disease, genes might sway the chances of developing it; if for example, your father has it, the risks increase two-fold, if your dad and your brother, the risk is times four higher. Having a family member being diagnosed in their youth puts you at an even higher risk than if the disease was discovered after the person turned sixty years old. Another statistic that most persons do not know, is that if you have a family history of genes that raise the chance of breast cancer or family history that is filled with cases of breast cancer, the chances of you developing cancer of the prostate might even be higher. It is worth noting that just because the disease might run in your family, does not automatically mean that you will develop the disease.

You Live In The United States

Well, this is not a habit of sorts; however, it is quite surprising regardless that just residing in North America, specifically, the United States might increase the risk of developing cancer of the prostate. Other hot spots with high rates around the globe include; Australia, Northwestern Europe, and the islands of the Caribbean. The reason for this is very vague; however, experts suggest that the diet and certain lifestyle elements probably play a role. More opportunity to the access of screening might also be a major factor, as when compared to the lesser developed countries found in South and Central America, Asia, and Africa where prostate cancer is diagnosed a lot less.

No Time To Work Out

Frequent physical activity carries with it a long list of advantages; a better mood, overall improved health, assist in losing weight and as confirmed via evidence, might aid in reducing the chance of developing cancer of the prostate. In the event that you are diagnosed, research discloses that sticking to a frequent routine might enhance the odds of living through it.

Still Smoking

Although stated, this habit is not yet proven fully, however, research had suggested that there is an association of those disgusting cigarettes with a minute increase in the chance of prostate cancer being fatal. Even though many studies have not confirmed that a connection between smoking and developing prostate cancer, it without a doubt results in several other types including cancers of the colon, stomach, pancreas, liver, kidney, esophagus, throat, mouth, and lungs. Smoking has accounted for as much as thirty-three percent of all the deaths related to cancer in the United States.

Using Mobile Devices Until The Wee Hours

Allowing your body to be exposed to artificial light during the night has been associated with an increase in the chance of developing prostate cancer, as stated by numerous studies. This is the same light that emanates from smartphones that you are constantly Whatsapping on and the television that has been left on all night as the movie watches you. Even though additional research is required, scientists believe that exposure to light represses the manufacturing of melatonin, which is a hormone that aids in the managing of sleep. Research coming out of Harvard discovered that males who got adequate amounts of sleep during the night had amplified levels of melatonin, plus they were seventy-five percent less likely to suffer from advanced cancer of the prostate than those persons with less melatonin.


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