7 Worst Pets For Older Adults


So many advantages are associated with giving an elderly person a novel pet. As stated by Aging Care, pets provide assistance in lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, enhancing physical activity and social relations, and also assist them in learning. Having a companion, whether it be furry, scaly, or feathery, is considered one of the greatest feelings on the planet to individuals regardless of age. However, there are specific pets that are just not cut out to be companions for seniors or retirees. As individuals become older, here are some animals to stay clear of.


Many types of species of birds could become awesome companions for the elderly. Sorry to say that the parrot is unfortunately not one of these birds. Parrots scream where the other birds tend to sing. Parrots have also been reported biting and need a bunch of work in order to maintain their cleanliness. They have a tendency of being able to explore and of course making a mess. When not in their cage the bird is known to strip and hollow the furniture. Although in their enclosure, these mischievous birds can create a serious mess as well. For those retirees and seniors that are seeking peace and a bird friend that is low-key, a parrot would definitely not be for you.

Pixie Frog

Due to the fact that they are small and probably not very loud, and that they are available at practically every pet store. Individuals may think that frogs, in particular a pixie frog, are easy to care for companions. However, the name pixie frog is quite misleading. It was initially derived from Pyxicephalus adspersus the Latin name, pixie frogs which are really African Bullfrogs that are still young and occupy a ton more space. What is more is that the African bullfrogs normally live for as long as twenty years, plus living to as much as forty years is not unheard of. For seniors who believe that they may not have the ability to provide for and give the attention required for the next forty years, then this bullfrog is not recommended.

Saltwater Fish

Except there is someone readily available to assist in the cleaning of an aquarium that is filled with saltwater, saltwater fish do not make great pets for retirees and seniors. According to the experts in this area, an aquarium filled with saltwater requires meticulous maintenance in order to keep it functioning properly, clean, properly lit and temperature managed. Also, salinity is very vital, therefore replacing the evaporated water every day is crucial. In practice, it is a lot of hard work. However, if you do not have the budget, energy, or time to sustain the creature in the sale water aquarium healthy and clean.

Bearded Dragon

The popularity of this animal as a pet continues to grow. They could identify the voice of their owners and touch, plus they are very interested. However, similar to the saltwater fish they do require some otherwise burdensome upkeep. The first thing is that they are specific about the environment and need the right about of ultraviolet light, moisture, and heat. It is there is no ultraviolet light, the accurate temperature should be or the correct humidity to remain hydrated and allow their skin to shed, it could be fatal for the dragon. In addition, they are required to consume insects at a minimum of three days a week. If persons feel squeamish around creepy crawlies a person may not want to grab a bag of crickets.


Horses could be marvelous for the elderly and could even have positive impacts on people with Alzheimer’s disease. However, if individuals are not horse owners as yet, but are in need of a horse in their fifties going on sixties or older, having to take care of a horse by yourself could be very difficult. Besides the horse being quite expensive, would also need constant and daily attention, exercise and care. Riding a horse could be challenging in particular because of pains and aches due to the individual’s age.

Somali Cats

Although several cats can make an excellent pet for the elderly, there are still a couple of cat breeds that might be a little too energetic and a little too much work. The Somali cat breeds are considered one of the breeds of cats that we just mentioned. The cat has very long and beautiful hair, however, this fur requires consistent grooming and vacuuming or sweeping. This breed also has a tendency of opening the doors and cabinets in the house, which could be very problematic for the elderly. When these cats are not searching through cabinets, they enjoy running around, jumping, and playing fetch like a dog. For a dynamic and energetic family, this is an excellent choice of pet, however, for older adults or retirees, it is not a great choice.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are extremely lovely dogs in their appearance, even though they are not necessarily a great selection for the aged adult. Although they Husky might have this statuesque and regal demeanor, they are really super hyperactive. They have energy on overload, therefore they require plenty of playtime and exercise. Keeping them clean is also quite a challenge, they constantly require being brushed and groomed, which could cut into much of the day can be way too much work for a senior taking on.


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