7 Sneaky Habits That Can Dry Out Your Skin


It appears as if individuals could just find the correct moisturizer it could be the solution to all of their skin issues. However, in reality, the skin might remain feeling itchy and dry regardless of how expensive the lotions and creams are. Whereas finding the skincare products which work best for you is essential. Breaking the practice that dehydrates the skin has just as much importance. Following are some apparent innocent practices that are standing in the way of accomplishing the ideal skin.

Consuming Too Much Water

As self-contradictory as it sounds, consuming too much water could really destroy the skin. Even though remaining hydrated is vital for overall health, too much water could result in the body losing essential minerals. This could then have an impact on the skin and make it appear dull and lifeless. It is better for dry skin to be treated from the outside, utilizing the correct products and making lifestyle alterations which the skin will be grateful for.

Taking Showers For Too Long

Taking long hot showers may be an excellent method for relaxation following a hectic day. However, it could actually result in stress to the skin. Hot water gets rid of moisture and oil which the skin requires to remain vibrant and plump. Plus, the longer the shower the worse it would dry the skin out. It is safer to have shorter showers, with lukewarm water using soaps that are mild. This will lead to less damage to the protective barrier of the skin.

Applying Moisturizer At The Incorrect Time

Applying a moisturizer at the correct time could aid individuals in reaping all of its advantages. Rather than drying the skin on the face and then trying to apply a cream, place it on the damp skin. This will assist in locking the moisture and hydrating the skin much easier and more effectively, than applying it to dry skin. As a matter of fact, females in Korea, known for their perfect skin texture and tone, apply moisturizer in roughly three seconds after washing their faces.

Sleeping Without Socks On

Having socks on while asleep could permit the individual to receive better sleep. It could also keep those frustrating cracked heels at bay and prevent hot flashes. Applying lotion and creams plus the wearing of socks could decrease the risks of waking up with heels that have dry skin on them.

Rubbing Your Face With Towels

Rubbing the skin with a harsh towel made from cotton could dry the skin out. It could also irritate the skin, which is sensitive, making it appear reddish and also itch. In order to avoid future irritation, allow the skin to air dry properly.

Eating Eggs Too Often

Even though eggs are an excellent source of protein, they could result in dryness of skin when consumed too frequently. Eggs are rich in vitamins, vitamin A in particular. Plus eating eggs excessively might impact the skin in a negative way. The great news is that individuals do not have to completely give up on eggs or their morning omelet, just for the sake of their skin. Simply ensure that no more than three eggs are consumed on a daily basis.

Using The Wrong Moisturizer

If an individual has the feeling that their moisturizer is not doing anything for their skin, it may be too light for the individual’s skin type. If the skin is oily, a moisturizer that is water-based will be more effective for the individual. Plus, skin that is sensitive will benefit from lotions and creams that consist of soothing ingredients. Utilizing a product that is correct for the skin type could assist in the prevention of water evaporating off the skin too rapidly. Thus it keeps the skin hydrated for a longer period of time.


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