Top 5 Stretches For Leg Cramps


Imagine waking up to an unexpected leg cramp. Painful, isn’t it? Unexpected leg pain in the middle of the night can be a terrible way to wake up. However, there’s little to worry about now. A three-minute workout (top stretches for leg cramps) helps a lot. So, this article gets you the best leg stretches that’ll fade your pain in no time. Have a look.

Standing Calf Stretch

First, stand facing a wall in your room. Extend your arms to chest height. Bring your right leg forward and flex the knee. Next, the left leg should be behind and straight. Make sure that you firmly hold your feet on the ground. Lean forward without lifting the heels or bending at the waist. Let your body move towards the wall by flexing your right knee. Hold for 30 seconds. Then, gently pull back and repeat with the left leg. 

How Would This Exercise Help?

This exercise stretches the calf muscles of the leg that’s behind. Holding this position for around thirty seconds prevents a night leg cramp. Doing with both the legs daily for a total of one minute helps. 

Hamstring Standing Stretch

Keep a chair against a wall. Stand facing the wall with the chair in front of you. Next, keep your right heel on the chair. Have both the legs straight. At the hips, bend forward. Your upper body should be straight while bending. Also, keep your knees straight and your left foot firm on the floor. Holding this position for thirty seconds is beneficial. Finally, gently pull back and do the same with your left leg. 

How Would This Exercise Help?

This stretch ensures proper blood flow and reduces the chance of a leg cramp. So, make sure you do it every day for a minute. 

Seated Calf And Hamstring Stretch

In this exercise, you need to extend both your legs as you sit on the floor. Then, with your back and knees straight, bend forward at your hips and stretch. Try to grasp your calves or toes. But, don’t stress too hard for the first time. Push your limits day by day. 

How Would This Exercise Help?

For leg cramps, this exercise is tested and proved helpful. Since it’s a seated stretch, it reduces your leg pain. That’s because it makes the blood flow comfortably throughout your legs. 


Best stretches for runners

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

From a standing position, slide the left leg behind the body. Next, drop down to your left knee from the straight position. Then, you may rest both your hands on the right knee. After that, lean forward and keep the left hip straight. Hold for 30 seconds. Lastly, gently pull the left foot back, stand up, and switch legs.

How Would This Exercise Help

Runners face leg pain because of their long runs and exercises. Sometimes, sitting for hours also causes tight hip flexors. But holding this position for a minute relieves all that pain.  

Toe Touch

Keep your feet together and stand comfortably straight. You may even keep them shoulder-width apart. Have the knees straight. But don’t keep them locked. With a straight back, bend at the hips. Ensure that you lower the head down slowly. Feel your calf muscles and legs stretched. Let the neck relax and take the hands towards your toes. Reach the fingers toward the toes, and let the neck relax. Hold for 30 seconds and gradually rise. 

How Would This Exercise Help

When you keep your legs straight and bend, you make your hamstrings more flexible. This exercise also relieves any leg cramps by enhancing blood flow. 


Leg stretches can be very helpful for those who wake up with pain or cramping legs. Further, these exercises prevent stiffness and make you flexible. Get rid of a leg cramp after running and reduce soreness in just three minutes. You haven’t heard of an easier way out, have you? Then, wait for nothing. Give them a try and boost your blood flow!


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