9 Scary Symptoms That Are Usually Harmless


Dizziness, skin tags, eye floaters, or unexplained chest pain. As soon as this occurs, individuals hurry to gain the advice of Google and wind up discovering spine-tingling details to the smallest changes in the body. The truth is that Google is not always accurate, and at times what appears to be scary could actually turn out to be entirely harmless. This article allows us to eliminate any paranoia or fears by detailing some of the actual reasons that could be behind the symptoms which may be scaring you.

Pain In The Chest

The first thought that probably pops into the minds of individuals when they first start to experience pain in the chest is that they are about to suffer from a heart attack. Fortunately, in the case of younger individuals that do not have any cardiac risks such as diabetes, for instance, this is nothing scary. Straining the chest muscles the incorrect way while working out, anxiety, stress, and heartburn could also result in chest pain. Although, if the pain does not stop, it is wise to consult your primary health care provider.

Skin Tags & Lumps

Skin tags are very common for a vast amount of individuals; however, similar to several other growths on the skin, they are not as a result of cancer. Skin tags could be located around the armpits, neck, and also the eyes, due to the fact that they commonly develop on skin that is dry. Although they may appear to be ugly, they are absolutely harmless. The most optimal thing to do is get advice from your dermatologist in order to determine the best option for getting rid of the skin tags safely.

Lumps that are unexplained might form under the skin on the body and individuals ask, is it dangerous? The main reason for this is that they are more than likely lipoma, which is a benign fatty tumor, a sebaceous cyst, or another growth that is considered non-cancerous. In the event that something similar appears on the body, seek advice from your primary health care provider, however, do not concern yourself about it too much.

Eye Floaters

Several individuals with bad or good eyesight have experienced eye floaters at some point in time of their lives. It is agreed that this could be a scary experience; however, there is no need for concern. Floaters are described as pieces of debris that have made their way to the interior of the eye which appears when you focus on something that is very bright or white. They are harmless but have a tendency to be more frequent as individuals get older.

Cracking Joints

When we were young, it was almost certain that once we cracked our joints the older adults would say to us that this could lead to arthritis. So it was not something that should be done. Although there is nothing wrong or harmful in practicing this habit, as it is simply air that has been strapped in the joints and then collapses as you ‘crack them’, hence the cracking sound as the air pops. However, if there is discomfort or pain while cracking the joints, it is advised that you consult your primary health care provider.

Dizziness After Sitting

When individuals stand after they have been sitting for a long time, they may experience unpleasant dizziness. However, do not be concerned, there is absolutely nothing terrifying in this either. The flow of the blood goes towards the brain when an individual changes their position, and this might also result in the individual seeing stars. All they have to do is stand motionless for a few seconds and everything will return back to normal.

Twitching Muscle

Practically everybody knows what a twitching muscle is. It feels weird and scary, however, it does not lead straight to ALS, as most of the time this sign is harmless. There are many reasons why the individual may experience twitching muscles, and included in them are: feeling anxious, not drinking adequate amounts of water, or might have overextended their muscles.


In spite of popular opinion, cramping is not always a result of multiple sclerosis. The most popular cause is typically dehydration. When the body experiences a reduction of water, muscles will intermittently begin to tighten up, providing the individual with a signal that they need to drink more. If cramping occurs too frequently, it is better to advise your primary health care provider, however, if it occurs sporadically then there is nothing really nothing to concern yourself with.


Any person that has experienced shakiness has almost certainly questioned the possibility of Parkinson’s disease. This is not always the situation. A lot of people could experience shakiness when they did not eat properly or have not for a prolonged period of time. Some other causes could include vitamin B12 or iodine deficiency or overstress.

Broken Blood Vessels In The Eye

Blood vessels that have broken in the eye do not mean that the individual is going to be blind. Except it occurs frequently and the individual’s eyes appear entirely red, there should because be a concern. Blood vessels that are broken could be as a result of rubbing the eyes really rough or sneezing really hard. Another cause could be that the eyes are tired or that there is tension. The most optimal thing to do is to relax the eyes as much as possible and complete some eye exercises.


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