6 Types Of Body Fat And How To Get Rid Of It


There are several options to get rid of excessive weight and it is simple to locate thousands of research and hundreds of tips these days. However, the issue is that a specific technique could be useful for one individual and totally useless for another. It occurs due to the fact that each individual has different body types.

This is the reason why understanding the way the body gains weight is essential for safe and effective weight loss. Six different types of body fat have been identified depending on the location of the accumulation on the body. It is very important to note that an active lifestyle and a healthy diet will have the most optimal impact on the body, regardless of body type.

Full Upper Body Fat

This form of body fat typically begins to accumulate when the individual consumes more calories than they can burn off. Therefore, the chief causes of this situation are inactivity and overeating. In order to get rid of this fat individuals have to start aerobic exercises. Due to the fact that this form of fat develops because of lack of physical activity.

Swimming, running, or walking for at minimum thirty minutes each day will greatly assist in getting rid of this. Eliminate eating sugars that are refined. Forget about drinks that are sweetened with sugar. Foods and drinks that are sweet do not make an individual feel full, however, they do allow the person to consume unnecessary calories.

Lower Abdomen Fat

A few of the reasons which would result in fat being stored in this section of the body are anxiety, depression, and stress. Ways of getting rid of this form of fat include staying clear of stress and learning to relax. The hormone responsible for stress, cortisol, allows fat to accumulate around the belly area. Therefore, a great technique for individuals is to meditate or practice breathing exercises. Also, individuals could try drinking green tea. It is considered an excellent fat burner. Plus, consuming a cup of hot green tea is a great way to calm yourself down when the need arises.

Lower Body Fat

One of the explanations for the fat settling in the thigh area could be because of excessive gluten in the system. If an individual is unhappy with the current size of their lower body, they might need to think about trying a diet that is gluten-free. Options for getting rid of this form of fat are by walking upstairs and hills. It will allow the fat to burn off around the thighs in an efficient manner while toning the muscles of the legs.

Also, do not miss out on breakfast. If the individual does not eat breakfast to stimulate their metabolism in the morning, chances are they will feel hungrier during the day. Resulting in the individual eating more throughout the day.

Swollen Stomach

The consumption of alcohol in excess could be making the belly grow. Therefore, begin to count the drinks or limit them in order to have a flatter stomach. A Way of getting rid of this form of fat is to cut back on the intake of alcohol, due to the fact that the majority of the calories settle around the belly. There are also several other health issues that are associated with this.

Individuals can also separate their daily portions into smaller rations and eat more frequently. This would help maintain energy, enhance the metabolism, and the stomach area would look smaller after every meal.

Lower Body Fat – Including Lower Legs

This is a common issue especially for females that have problems with leg veins or when they are pregnant, as their legs could swell. Options for avoiding this type of body fat is to stay clear of swelling. Do this by not consuming salty foods as these result in the retention of fluid in the body. Also, do not remain sitting for prolonged periods of about thirty minutes without moving.

Attempt standing and walking often. If the individual has the opportunity to lie down and have their feet elevated, they should. This would stop fluid from accumulating in the lower legs.

Large Stomach With Upper Back Fat

The main reason that this fat could develop is inactivity. Therefore, individuals should begin exercising immediately in the event that their back and stomach fat bothers them. Ways to eliminate this is to ensure that individuals have adequate amounts of sleep. Sleep deprivation could result in hormonal changes, increased appetite, leading to weight gain. This could result in fat being stored mainly in the back and belly. Eating more food that is high in fiber is also an option. This would assist in the reduction of the appetite and absorption of calories from food. It would also aid in the waist and back looking much healthier.


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