Gadgets To Help Seniors Drive


Old age can be troublesome, especially if the elderly live a sedentary lifestyle. Driving can be a gateway for these individuals to meet their friends and family and to socialize around. Driving also acts as a mental and physical exercise that enables movements within these elderly individuals. However, simple driving tasks get difficult as people age due to poor vision, lower attention, poor memory retention, and limited spontaneous reactions to other cars. But does it mean that old age is a stop to driving? Don’t let age hamper your driving. Instead, look through these eight essential gadgets that will aid you while you drive your way to the city.

Car Cane Handle

Getting into vehicles can be troublesome, especially while using public transport like a bus at an upper level. These car cane handles make it easier to get in and get out of the car. They are readily available in stores or even online. No matter which brand you buy, make sure they give an intense grip to get out of the car without falling. Some handles even come with an LED light to glow in the dark and make easy entry and visits at night. It should also fit easily into the corners of the car and not affect the seating of the passengers.

Standing Support

These supporting aids are highly affordable and economical to get into the car comfortably. These handles should be non-slippery and should buckle around the window frames to avoid their unnecessary placing. Older people usually have to rely on their spouses or children for a helping hand. However, these aids make movements in and out of the car easy.

Backup Camera

Apart from moving in and out of the car, parking the car properly is essential. Therefore, backup cameras are very critical to help the elderly park their vehicles smoothly. Backup cameras have a parking monitor, dash cam front and rear camera incorporated to turn automatically and record while parking. Some cameras are even equipped with sensors and auto locks to prevent unintentional collisions. They also act as tools of evidence and hence will be handy in cases of disputes.

Car Trunk Organizer

Car trunk organizers are the perfect tools to keep everything systematic in the car. They do not take much space and have room for everything essential for the journey. So buy these and never forget to carry anything essential.

Seat Vibrators

While you may assume why they are even essential while driving, vibrating car seats can be helpful to the elderly suffering from back problems. They groove your riding experience by relieving back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and waist problems. These massage cushions can also be adjusted according to the intensity of the massage and are quite helpful for long journeys. How smart can a gadget get? Comfort and massage all in one to make your drive an efficient one. A piece of advice is to consult your physician about incorporating them into your vehicle, especially if you are on physiotherapy.

Neck Pillow

The majority of the adults and elderly suffer from neck pain during long drives. Driving also gives rise to conditions like spondylitis and vertigo. These individuals suffer due to their prolonged conditions and find it difficult to drive comfortably. However, there is a prevention for these unwanted stiff neck issues. Seat neck pillows are very helpful tools that act as headrest cushions to relieve neck strain. Some consist of memory foam that acts as comfortable support to rest your head without affecting your vision and movements. You can incorporate these neck pillows for both the passenger and the driver’s seat.

Smartphone Holder

Using a mobile phone while driving is not permitted as it is the most common reason for car crashes and accidents. The task of receiving a phone call and driving at the same time becomes all the more difficult for the elderly due to their lower cognition levels. Buying a smartphone holder is therefore essential to mounting the phone on them. If you get an emergency call, you can answer it without wasting much time. The driver can easily receive a phone call without paying much attention to handling the phone. However, it is always advised to halt the car and receive a call rather than driving and talking simultaneously.

Key Finders

For all the forgetful elderly champs, this tool is highly important. There are several sensors in the market, one of which is Tile pro. If you can’t find your keys and gadgets, use the app that will ring the Tile pro if it’s at a distance of around 400 meters. Even if you are not connected to the Tile pro, you can find the last location of your key, and that’s how to end the hide seek game with your keys and gadgets.

Take Home Message

While most individuals may not feel the need to buy these accessories, buying them is the best decision for their parents or elderly. There are numerous such tools available online at an affordable rate. If you wish to secure the safety of your loved ones, please go forward and add these gadgets to make their drive a smooth one.


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