8 Ways That You Can Ease Bunion Pain Naturally


In spite of what several individuals might believe, high heels are not the only reason for the development of bunions. Heredity and genetics also play a part and should carry some of the blame. Evidently wearing high heels could exacerbate the issue; however, there are solutions individuals could utilize to reduce the pain naturally. Having surgery should always be considered a last resort, after attempting everything else. The following should provide individuals with some assistance in treating bunions.

Use A Lacrosse Or Tennis Ball

This is a very easy and simple exercise that individuals could utilize. They just need to place a lacrosse or tennis ball on the ground and begin rolling their feet over it backward and forwards. The individual could repeat this motion for up to five minutes alternating feet after the five-minute interval. Whether either feet or just one foot has the bunions, the exercise could be completed using both feet. This movement is quite relaxing for the feet as it soothes excess cramping.

Attempt Picking Up A Towel Only Using Your Toes

This is another easy and simple exercise that individuals could utilize. Simply place a dry towel on the ground, and then try to hold it up with your toes and pull it in your direction. Individuals could repeat this movement about five times. They can either be sitting or standing for this exercise. What this movement will do is strengthen the feet and allow the toes to remain flexible.

Attempt Lifting Your Heels

Begin by putting yourself in a standing position, allowing the knees to be bent slightly. Then go ahead and lift the heels gradually. Do this until all of your body weight is being supported just by the toes. Bear in mind that this exercise might be very uncomfortable and painful is the individual suffers from severe bunions. However, the individual should still attempt to complete the exercise making little progress at a time. As time passes, the muscles in the toes will become stronger and the bunions will possibly stop recurring.

Take Walks On Sandy Beaches Frequently

All depending on the geographical location of the individual, this might not be at all possible for several individuals. However, walking in sand is an excellent massage for the feet. This does not just relax the feet and the toes, but it also aids in making them stronger. This sand massage will prove itself advantageous for those individuals that suffer from arthritis, because of the bunions they have.

Soak Feet In Warm & Cold Water

Once individuals arrive home from a long hectic day, the feet will appreciate it if they are soaked in a tub of warm water in combination with Epsom salt. Simply fill up the tub or large container to the point that it covers the ankles. Then allow your feet to soak in the water for ten to fifteen minutes. On the other hand, individuals could opt for an ice-cold soak. They could place their feet in a tub or container of ice-cold water for approximately ten minutes. This can be completed just prior to going to bed. This method will allow all the inflammation and swelling to be reduced.

Put On A Splint While Sleeping

Several individuals have discovered that wearing a splint during the night decreases the pain that they experience from the bunions. The splints function by putting a stop to the big toe and the second toe from making contact with each other. It does this at the same time it is reducing the pressure being felt between the other toes. Individuals could wear these splints during the night as they sleep. Although they might not resolve the issue with the bunions, they could still decrease the discomfort and pain being experienced.

Massage Feet With Olive Oil

Individuals can use the idea of massaging their feet once or twice every day in order to allow the toes to remain flexible. Combining the massage with warm olive oil elevates it to the point that it allows the joints to move a lot easier. Attempt massaging the toes for fifteen minutes each time, this will result in a massive difference in the circulation of the toes. The use of olive oil will ensure the job is easier as the fingers move between the toes.

Apply Turmeric To The Bunions

The main ingredient in several of the creams which assist with the reduction of inflammation and pain is capsaicin. This chemical is found in turmeric, which is the reason individuals are able to apply this spice on the bunions. First, make a paste with water and turmeric, then pace it on the areas that are affected. It is very vital that this is done during the night and allowed to remain overnight. This is in order for the capsaicin to have adequate time to function.


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