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How To Manage Your Grandchildren While Still Having Time For Yourself


We are all guilty of it. We have our days where we feel like everything is just too much, and we need a break from the constant hustle-and-bustle.  As adults, this may mean taking some time by going to the gym or getting a manicure.  But what about when you have grandkids? How do you balance your needs with theirs? And how can you still be there for them without sacrificing your happiness? Here are some ways to juggle being a grandparent while still having time for yourself!

You Cant Do It All

As a grandparent, you will always want to spend as much time with your grandchildren as possible. But, there will come the point where you feel the need to take breaks and find time for yourself.

If this happens, do not be discouraged and let it bother you too much. You cannot give 100% all of the time, whether giving  100% attention to your grandchildren. Instead of letting it get to you, accept that fact and focus on what matters most instead of trying to manage everything at once.

Finding Effective Time Management

Another excellent method for finding time for yourself is by creating a workable schedule. This can mean having an agreement with someone else in which you will help them if they return the favor by watching your grandchildren when you need it most.

There are also other methods, such as blocking out specific times of the day or week so that no one else disturbs you. By creating this workable schedule, everyone gets what they want while still managing their obligations!

Make Personal Health A Priority

One great way to find time for yourself is to take care of your health. Eat healthily, exercise regularly, and take an occasional nap or two. You should also dedicate certain times just to relax after having a busy day with your grandchildren.

At first, it might be challenging to start this habit, but once you get into it, you will see how much easier it is to manage yourself and your grandchildren! Living a healthy life will also give you more energy, so you give your all to yourself and your grandkids!

Knowing How You Feel Key

It is essential always to remember how you feel. If you are unhappy with your life, it will make everything worse. Take time to figure out who you are, what you enjoy doing, and how your life should be lived.

Once you have figured these things out, do not waste any more time! You can then incorporate these things into your daily schedule to become a priority for you. Start small if necessary! The key is dedication and consistency in making changes to improve your well-being.

Communicate Openly

When all else fails, it is essential to communicate with everyone involved. Your adult child will want you to spend more time with them and your grandchildren. You should discuss the schedule that works best for everyone and figure out ways to make it work.

If there are certain days of the week where you must meet up with friends or family, be sure to let your adult children know ahead of time. This way, they can plan accordingly, whether that means taking care of their obligations or letting the grandkids stay at home alone for a few hours while doing what they have to do!

Set Boundaries 

Remember, it is okay to set boundaries when necessary. If you feel overwhelmed in any way, do not be afraid to tell your adult children! As mentioned before, it is essential to communicate openly. A simple thing such as creating a schedule of who does what will go a long way in easing everyone’s burdens!

However, if that does not work, here are some other options. Let your adult child know that you have had a hard day and are feeling worn out, so spending time with the grandkids might go better another day of the week.  Or, if they want to spend more time with you, there may come the point where an agreement needs to be made between both parties so that no one feels slighted or overloaded.

Don’t Feel Bad

 Bearing the responsibilities of spending as much time as possible with your grandchildren can be difficult.  Sometimes you may feel bad taking time for yourself, but it is necessary to be a stable presence in their lives. You always want them to know that they can turn to you if they need anything because you are always there for them!

Make sure that when you are spending time with your grandchildren, whether it is errands or working on projects around the house, they learn how to work together and have fun too! Everyone will benefit from these habits no matter what age!


Learning how to set boundaries, communicate openly with your adult children, and take time for yourself is critical in managing your grandchildren while still keeping your daily schedule on track! With a few simple steps, you will be able to accomplish it all! Just be sure not to forget the most crucial step of all: knowing how you feel and doing what makes you happy!


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