Simple Steps To Take To Avoid Sickness This Season


How To Avoid Getting Sick In The Winter

Every winter, it is undeniable that a flu bug will go around. It is essential to prepare for the cold season and fill your immune system with what it needs to stay healthy. Below are common ways to increase your immunity while also adopting some healthy habits. 

Eat Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are a good source of vitamins that will help you maintain a balanced diet and a healthy immune system. Consuming cruciferous or green vegetables helps your body boost a specific type of cell surface protein essential for maintaining an efficient immune system. 

Get Vitamin D

Many research and studies have stated that many Americans consume less vitamin D in their daily diet. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to significant symptoms like a weak immune system, cardiovascular problems, and low bone growth. Many food items are a good source of vitamin D, such as mushrooms, salmon, egg yolk, beef liver, and canned tuna. You can also purchase vitamin D supplements from pharmacies and local grocery stores. 

Keep Moving

Maintain a regular exercise routine for staying fit and active. A study in the Neurological Clinicians stated that exercise would help your body in many ways. Such as keeping chronic diseases and inflammation at bay, reducing stress, and increased circulation of disease-fighting white blood cells, helping your body fight the bacteria causing the common cold. 

Get Enough Sleep

According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, getting an adequate amount of sleep is essential if an individual has a virus. Adults who participated in this study slept for eight hours every night for two weeks. The results showed that they developed more excellent resistance towards the virus and flu. Those individuals who slept for seven hours or less had three percent chances of developing the virus after exposure. We should get an adequate amount of sleep every night because the body releases a protein called Cytokines, which helps our body fight infections by regulating our immune system. 

Skip The Alcohol

The latest study and research have stated that alcohol consumption can damage dendritic cells present in our body. These cells are vital components for maintaining our immune system. Suppose individuals increase their alcohol consumption, increasing their exposure to viral infections and bacteria. 

A study published in the journal of Clinical and Vaccine Immunology compares the immune system response and dendritic cells in healthy mice to alcohol-fed mice. The report stated that alcohol had suppressed the immunity of the mice to certain degrees. Doctors say that this study will explain why vaccines are less effective in individuals who are alcohol addicted.  

Practice Good Hygiene

You can limit your exposure to various illnesses by avoiding germs and bacteria. The key to remaining healthy is adapting good hygiene in your daily routine. Listed below are some ways to practice good hygiene. 

  • Take a shower daily.
  • Wash your hand properly before inserting contact lenses or performing activities that bring your hand in contact with your eyes and mouth.
  • Remember to cover your nose and mouth with tissue paper while sneezing or coughing.
  • Don’t forget to carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


Besides following essential health tips such as cleaning correctly, getting a flu shot, and washing your hands regularly, this winter is all about focusing on taking care of your body and supporting your immune system. Make sure to consume more green and leafy vegetables, vitamin D, and protein in your daily diet.


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