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Safety Tips That Many Seniors Will Forget


Many old adults dread senior living for various reasons, but the biggest one is the many potential hazards. However, you should know that these hazards take place only when you don’t take home safety tips seriously. Unfortunately, there is still very little education among senior citizens about how they can stay safe. This is why we have stepped up to be at your rescue, guiding you about how you can take care of yourself and stay protected at all times. With that, let’s get started! 

First Of All, What Are The Most Common Hazards Among Senior Citizens?

It is of utmost importance to know which are the most common potential hazards to understand how to take care of yourself. Senior citizens majorly need to take precautions to combat fall hazards. According to a study, trip hazards happen to be one of the most common causes of injury among older adults. With the crime rates being on the rise, theft and physical abuse are also an issue. But, don’t feel overwhelmed because there are ways to minimize risks. 

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Get Rid Of Everything That Can Result In Falls 

Have you ever walked past the rug in your living room and almost tripped but somehow managed to prevent the fall? Well, that was a lucky day for you, but not every day will be. This is why it is essential to get rid of any trip hazards, as they can lead to significant injuries and overall physical discomfort for a long time. It is best to avoid placing rugs and carpets at high activity regions or get rid of them altogether. 

Other than that, advise your house to help clean up any puddles of water on the floor immediately and to keep the floor free from any other items. And last but not least, manage the extension cords such that there are no fall hazards whatsoever. 

Keep All Emergency Numbers Together

Keeping emergency numbers is an absolute necessity, irrespective of whether you are living alone or not. However, make sure that you have the contacts easily accessible at several different places so that if one option fails, you still have access to numbers. First and foremost, use the cell phone to create a separate list of readily available emergency contacts. Other than that, keep a diary, or a piece of paper stuck on the wall, which has all essential contact numbers concerning medical alerts, fire alerts, neighbors, friends, and relatives. Remembering numbers is tough, so keeping them handy is the right thing to do. 

Never Let Out Your Personal Information

You may or may not know this, but most cyberattacks or general scams and fraud occur across older adults. The reason behind this is that the older generation never had smart technology as much as other generations. And unfortunately, scammers take full benefit of their vulnerability. This is why it is always in your best interest to keep your personal information only to yourself and your trusted ones. Even when making any registrations, filling forms, or signing any papers, read thoroughly through the documents. And think objectively, whether your critical information, such as contact number, address, credit card pins, etc., need to be provided or not. 

Install Night Lights

Considering that senior citizens are prone to waking up at night for various reasons, it is best to install night lights. So, even if you have to wake up to go to the washroom, the night lights will keep you guided. In this way, you can avoid significant falls or trips. Other than that, older adults are prone to feel dizzy or visually weakened at night. At such times too, night lights can help you stay safe during the dark. However, make sure that the lights are not too intense; otherwise, they may disturb your sleep quality by causing you to wake up, again and again, all night. Know that there are lights available particularly for keeping them on at night, so make sure you install those. 


Well, these were some of the most effective safety tips that can keep you protected through senior living. However, if you can’t seem to get the hang of going about your day on your own, home care services are always available. Hiring a caretaker will make your life much easier, and that’s what you want in your older years, right? 


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