6 Ways That You Can Get Rid Of Chicken Skin


During the months during summer when most individuals opt for wearing light clothes, some individuals have no choice but to recognize skin bumps. These bumps appear on the thighs and the arms. This is a widespread skin condition that is referred to as keratosis pilaris. Chicken skin is also what it is generally known as, due to the fact that it resembles a bird that has been freshly plucked. Even though it is not contagious and pretty much harmless, it can be a very annoying condition. Also, if it remains untreated, it might worsen as time elapse. Here are the everyday actions that could result in this condition plus what could be done to manage it.

Not Eating Adequate Amounts Of Fat

When individuals are seeking to reduce their weight, the initial thing they wish to reduce from their diet is normally fat. However, in reality, reducing healthy fats could result in the individual gaining weight. This could result in specific conditions becoming worse. When the individual is not receiving adequate amounts of essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, the skin could become inflamed due to this. This would cause the bumps on the skin to become much more visible. Try consuming additional foods which are high in fatty acids. Experts recommend including fish that have not been farmed and eggs from pasture-raised chickens in the diet.

Utilizing Body Scrubs That Are Harsh

Although exfoliating every day could assist in the smoothing out of chicken skin, body scrubs that are harsh could worsen the condition. Particles that are rough could result in irritation of the skin, resulting in the skin peeling and itching. Instead of utilizing scrubs with huge, particles that are irregularly shaped, try gently massaging the skin using a pumice or loofah stone.

Taking Hot Showers

Even though hot showers will not result in bumps forming on the skin. Soaking in hot water for prolonged periods of time could worsen the condition. Showering for extended periods of time removes the natural oils from the skin. This will lead to the skin remaining irritated and dry. Shorter showers that are warm and then gently pat dry the skin will stop irritation from continuing. Showering every other day might also assist in alleviating the symptoms.

Consuming Too Much Dairy

Many individuals are unable to think about a day that they do not have coffee, without cream or milk. However, dairy products frequently result in food sensitivity and could contribute to several unlikable conditions. This would include chicken skin. Several individuals over time develop intolerance to certain proteins located in dairy. This could lead to the skin being irritated, and the development of keratosis pilaris and acne. What is great is that individuals do not have to completely eliminate dairy products in order to fight chicken skin. Simply stay clear of them for approximately six weeks in order to ascertain whether the condition shows improvement.

Utilizing Perfumed Soaps

Due to the fact that keratosis pilaris is a result of an accumulation of keratin within the pores. The use of skin care products that are comedogenic could make the condition worse. Individuals might have a preferred soap that has a great scent; however, it more than likely contains additives that are artificial. These additives have the potential to clog the pores and result in inflammation of the skin. Choose products for skincare that are gentle and hypoallergenic which will not irritate skin that is sensitive.

Wearing Tight Clothes

For several reasons wearing clothes that are ill-fitting is considered to be very unhealthy for individuals. Including other complications, this could result in chicken skin getting worse. Clothes that are tight do not allow the skin to breathe. It could result in friction which results in further irritation of the skin. Try wearing clothes that are loose and that are made of fabrics that are known to be skin-friendly. For example, organic cotton.


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